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Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2010 13:01:57 -0500
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This just occurred to me: How would a deaf person tune in a SSB signal?  You 
can see a CW signal on the spectrum of CW Sweeper and other CW reading 
programs; likewise for PSK and RTTY.  But I can't imaging how you would tune in 
a SSB signal without hearing it.  Just lining it up within a spectral range 
wouldn't work, because of differences in mics, audio processors, propagation, 
speakers, etc.  Since speech-to-text software uses harmonic relationships to 
discriminate among sounds (I believe) being off by more than a few Hz could 
keep it from working at all.

I sometimes have trouble tuning in sideband (I am hearing-impaired, but not 
deaf), so if there's a way to augment the tuning process, I'd be very 

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