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From: "Tom Mandera" <tsm1@tmcom.com>
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Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2010 12:11:16 -0700
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> Subject: Re: [TenTec] Labels for Omni V.9 chips
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> Here's what I did:
> I made a pencil rubbing of the buttons on the rig to get the exact size.
> Then I created a rounded rectangle in a Word document, sized it correctly,
> and colored the fill and outline with the penultimate darkest shade of
>  I copied the set of twelve and pasted them back in twice, so I would have
> two extra sets, in case I messed up, which I did.  I printed the page on
> an Avery 5165 8 1/2 by 11 label.  Here's the trick, which took some
> experimentation to discover: Put a piece of Scotch tape (the shiny kind,
> not the transparent, invisible kind) over the rows of labels before you

My wife is both a ham and a "scrap-booker."  You might call me a ham and a
hot-rodder.  As much as I keep adding to my garage full of automotive
tools, she adds to her ability to shred paper in new creative ways.

For a Christmas present a few years back, I bought her a "Silhouette"
machine.  The price wasn't too bad.

The Silhouette is a printer, but doesn't use any ink.  It uses a hobby
knife (or close approximation).

In the case of these labels, I'd have two choices - a full vinyl overlay
(one color, plus the "holes") or print the labels (on another printer), as
you have done, and then feed the printed label back through the Silhouette
and let the knife go to work, cutting out the holes for the buttons,
leaving the labels.

Both routes are pretty slick.

I don't need any of these labels - my rig is a Paragon II, which has no
upgrades available (unless TT tells me otherwise - it's enroute for
repairs).  I think the keypad layout is different between the 585 and 586
enough that I couldn't use my Paragon II to try out the template, but I
could still talk her into making an attempt or two.

Or perhaps someone else has a scrapbooking wife in need of a new tool for
Christmas... that happens to cut T-shirt transfers, stickers, and vinyl
sheets (say, for labeling the switches in my 4x4 race truck, or sponsor
logos for the body panels).

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