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From: Stuart Rohre <rohre@arlut.utexas.edu>
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Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 21:12:21 -0600
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My comments on the Sherwood list utility as a decision aid, are based on 
personally listening to Sherwood's presentations, and respect for his 
careful analysis.   If he finds a receiver superior, it is.  He has been 
evaluating them for a long time.  Certainly however, you narrow your 
choices by a charting of the major specs of importance to the way you 
operate.  Then you try to see if it fits your personal likes.  If you 
are left handed, the placement of certain controls can ease or take away 
from enjoying the use of a set.  If you have large hands, you don't want 
to work tiny toggle switches, and so on.

A trial period is best for anyone trying out a new rig.  Particularly if 
you can see a new rig used in a contest or Field Day, you can quickly 
form some ideas as to how it would fit your shack and antenna set up.

Just by looking at the Eagle and its straight forward lay out based on 
the good ergonomics of the Argonaut V; I knew it would be a good radio, 
and easy to learn.   My Argonaut V has been a pleasure to use. It uses 
the dual function controls and a simple
function selection button, rather than long scrolls thru menus.  Buttons 
are spread out enough to be easily found.  The form factor is clean and 
fits most shacks well.  The Eagle seems to look this way as well.

One thing a person could do before they get a live view and hands on 
with a new radio design, is to make up a cardboard mock up and see how 
it fits your operating position.
Some radios just don't fit our concept of radios for some.  Those that 
use other than knobs are not my favorites.  I suspect the Kachina 
transceiver would have had a better reception if it had
had a knob as a standard control rather than an accessory.  It was ahead 
of its time, before the Flex radios came on the scene, but you had to 
have a then bulky computer also.


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