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Re: [TenTec] Eagle Comparison and OT Vintage Rigs

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Eagle Comparison and OT Vintage Rigs
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Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2010 23:44:38 -0500 (EST)
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I have here in the shack several stations.
1) TT Orion II
2) Drake C line with all the Sherwood mods
3) Collins S line (And KWM-2)

I have done some A,B,C testing...nothing with test equipment just using 
my skills and my ears.

When I come into the shack for a little fun casual operation..I usually 
use the Collins..love the audio and it just works nice...puts a smile 
on my face. I think...wow this stuff really still works great! It's 50 
years old!

If I want a little better for crowded conditions or weak DX with folks 
near by...I use the Drake C line. It's very capable.

If it is tough conditions and I am in the mood for high tech. I use te 
Orion II...lots of neat features and for contesting or crowded 
conditions it is the best I have. It's a fun radio to use for sure.
Oh, also...if I'm just in a lazy mood I also use the Orion II.

In all honesty..even in crowded conditions, contest or weak DX the 
Drake will perform about as well as the Orion II...I said about as well.
The Orion goes narrower, and the PBT is a little better (The R-4C has 
pretty good PBT as well) and all the bells and whistles will give it a 
little edge. The AGC options are better on the OII and the NR can help 
at times. (on The Drake if you carefully adj. the notch...it does 
wanders too)

In all my A,B,C testing (and I don't do it all that much) The Drake 
will hear just about everything the OII does.  And just about as well, 
occationally better.
For a serious contester these days...the OII is much faster, agile and 
has an edge.

After all, If you look at Rob Sherwood's list...The Sherwood modified 
R-4C is not that far down the page (Was at the top for  LONG, LONG 

Of course you actally have to work a little using the tube rigs, 
tuning, loading, peaking etc.
Most of the time...I rather enjoy it.

If I didn't have the OII, I would get a Eagle.
(PS..now I am in the process of adding a Hallicrafters SX-115/HT-32B 
and SX-117/HT-44 to the mix)

Oh, I just realized ALL of my equipment in US Made!
AND all of it works excellant!


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From: Dave Plews <djplews@comcast.net>
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Many years ago I had the Viking Navigator and an RME-4350.  Truly a 
outfit in it's day.
My first field day in 1963 I was introduced to the Viking Valiant and a
Drake 2B with Q-multiplier and the old Viking TR Switch.
I was spoiled from the get go I guess.  Sure do miss contesting though.
My Omni C died and purchased an Omni VII.  I'm not disappointed except 
my lack of antennas.

73, Dave W9TG...

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From: Rick - NJ0IP / DJ0IP
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The Argonaut V's receiver is really not in the class of the other rigs 
have been talking about.
It's great as a QRP radio or casual radio, and especially for camping
vacations, etc., but the receiver has some shortcomings for contesting.
In Europe we couldn't use it without a preselector or lots of 

The Scout was not a bad radio in its day and I often played with the 
idea of
getting another one, but the Eagle put that idea to bed forever.  It's a
different price class, but size wise, it's in there with the V and the
The Eagle's receiver will hold its own against anything on the market,
whereas the other two are just fun radios.
I would choose the Scout over the Argonaut V for contest because its RX 
better, with its downward conversion.
I would choose the V over the Scout if I just wanted a fun radio for

As for old rigs, well I'm kinda fond of the Drake 2B with 2BQ 
Transmitter wise - I liked the Viking ranger.
I used both many times at other people's shack; never owned either. :-(


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