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Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2010 22:57:04 -0600
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Yes, it followed in the physical layout, but not at all in the design of the
There's not much learning curve for an Eagle.
I think it's a perfect rig for a Field Day.

We had a K3 at Field Day and about 4 or 5 of us used it.
I needed the manual a couple of times.  Not advantageous in a contest.
The other 20+ operators used the Icoms or Yaesu's.

By all rights, the Eagle should become the defacto standard for field days
in America, but it probably won't.
People seem to love to remain in their ignorance and bliss and continue
using the familiar Yaecomwoods!


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Well, I used both my Scout and the Argo V at Field Days, but not side by 
side, so I just did not notice that much difference in the receivers, 
but then we were using them for SSB stations.
I have enjoyed both, and go back and forth.  I am thinking of putting 
the Scout into my car for casual HF.

Oh I figured the Eagle receiver was bound to be better than the Argonaut 
V's but what got me was how they had followed the V layout, which I had 
found very intuitive for new Field Day operators.
Much easier to use than the Yaecomwoods.


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