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Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2010 23:08:35 -0600
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As a Novice, I thought the Navigator was the Mercedes/Cadillac/Rolls Royce
of transmitters.
But I upgraded quickly, so I preferred the Ranger.
The valiant was nothing but a dream for me (as a teenager).
I could have had a shot at the Ranger; it just never worked out.

I can't recall the RME-4350; even looking at pictures doesn't bring back any
In my previous post, I started to mention the Viking TR Switch.
Of course I had it; best way to operate QSK back then.

You know what I liked about the 2B?

Think about it.... we had all of those BIG Hammerlunds, the older Collins
(pre-S-line: 75A4, etc.), big Nationals, etc., and then along came this
tiny, sleek Drake 2-B, with GREAT performance in a small package.


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Many years ago I had the Viking Navigator and an RME-4350.  Truly a nice 
outfit in it's day.
My first field day in 1963 I was introduced to the Viking Valiant and a 
Drake 2B with Q-multiplier and the old Viking TR Switch.
I was spoiled from the get go I guess.  Sure do miss contesting though.
My Omni C died and purchased an Omni VII.  I'm not disappointed except for 
my lack of antennas.

73, Dave W9TG...

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The Argonaut V's receiver is really not in the class of the other rigs we
have been talking about.
It's great as a QRP radio or casual radio, and especially for camping
vacations, etc., but the receiver has some shortcomings for contesting.
In Europe we couldn't use it without a preselector or lots of attenuation.

The Scout was not a bad radio in its day and I often played with the idea of
getting another one, but the Eagle put that idea to bed forever.  It's a
different price class, but size wise, it's in there with the V and the
The Eagle's receiver will hold its own against anything on the market,
whereas the other two are just fun radios.
I would choose the Scout over the Argonaut V for contest because its RX is
better, with its downward conversion.
I would choose the V over the Scout if I just wanted a fun radio for

As for old rigs, well I'm kinda fond of the Drake 2B with 2BQ Q-Multiplier.
Transmitter wise - I liked the Viking ranger.
I used both many times at other people's shack; never owned either. :-(


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