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Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2010 19:45:47 -0700
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If you are looking for a test data comparison, take a look at Rob Sherwood's
Receiver Test Data page http://www.sherweng.com/table.html the FTdx 5000D
tops the list. 
But don't stop your comparison there, the FTdx 5000D retails for about $5150
and the Eagle 599 is $1795 or the 599AT is $1995.  Then again the Eagle is
only about 6 receivers down from the top of the list.

If the difference in cash is minor to you and the specs look fairly close,
the deciding factor may just be the way the radio "feels" to you.   Some
people like a Shelby Cobra others like Ferrari and the way the rig handles
on the track is one thing and living with it day-in-and-day-out may give you
a completely different opinion of which one you prefer.  What are you really
going to do with it?  Think it through.

Some people really like having a computer controlled radio and if this is
important to you then you may want to find out which software is available
that does what you want and works with each of these radios (this may affect
your choice).

Stuart had a good point though, and that is to do a full scale mockup (face,
top, sides, etc. then question it thoroughly), determine where you plan to
put the power supply and are there any problems with the power supply being
on one side of the radio or the other (this may be a problem for some
people).  Is there a required space envelope for heat dissipation (top, rear
and sides)?  Is there additional space envelope required in the rear for
antenna cable bending (the radio mfg may not provide or consider cable
bending space envelope information - but you must)?  With the complete
mockup in place do you have any room to rest your elbows or whatever (will
the radio be comfortable to operate)?  Are there other accessories that you
might want on the desk and will there be room to operate them (CW key,
microphone,  speakers, etc.)?

You might also want to consider the rest of your operating environment.  If
you don't have a good antenna system the best radio in the world will not
work very well.

The entire "getting a new radio" can be quite a process, enjoy the journey.

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From: Richards

On 12/8/2010 10:12 PM, Stuart Rohre wrote:

> One thing a person could do before they get a live view and hands on 
> with a new radio design, is to make up a cardboard mock up and see how 
> it fits your operating position.

        Yaesu published a full sized photo of the FT5000
        and when I set it on the desk, my wife exclaimed at
        how just plain huge it is and how it would swallow
        up the entire desk - and then asked if it was really
        that much better being that much bigger.

        I don't know the answer.... but it was instructive
        that she asked, I think.

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