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[TenTec] Orion - No Transmit Power

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Subject: [TenTec] Orion - No Transmit Power
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Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2010 19:50:45 -0500
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Hmmm.  I was using my Orion today and after several hours of use, it 
suddenly lost transmit power.  It is actually putting out about 1 watt 
on all bands...just enough to see if on a 30W scale external meter.  
Here's a quick laundry list of things I have tried:
- Tried power off/power on
- Tried master reset
- Tried battery reset + master reset
- Tried downloading new software (twice)
- Tried more master resets
- Tried more battery resets
- Tried more power off cycles
- Tried all bands
- Tried changing power supply
- Checked the fuse
- Re-seated the power connector on the back of the Orion
- Symptoms are the same into dummy load or antenna
- Symptoms are the same into antenna 1 or antenna 2 connectors
- Amp key loops are off
- Tuner is disabled.  When enabled, it tunes but no power out (only the 
1 watt)
- Have cycled the transmitter disable setting
- Have varied the power setting, used the tune button, tried 
microphones, etc.  The 1W output is constant regardless of the power 
setting...anywhere from 1 to 100 gets 1W out.

Okay, I'm open to ideas.  I didn't hear or detect anything when the 
power died.  No clicking, no hot/burning smell...nothing.  I was using 
V1.373b5 when it happened so I thought maybe it was a software 
flake-out.  I downloaded 2.056 and then 1.372...no joy on either.



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