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Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2010 18:39:29 -0600
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For the past 20 years, most of the time my main rig has been a Ten-Tec, be
it Omni Vx or Orion - with an occasional short-lived exception.
But my mobile rig has always been a JA rig.
Now Ten-Tec has that corner of the market covered too.

Well done, Ten-Tec.

At this point in my forever changing life, I will move back to Germany where
we have smaller homes and I will surely have a tiny little shack.  I'm
grateful for a small rig like the Eagle.
To be honest, I had already bought a K3 for this purpose and would have been
quite happy with it, but then the Eagle suddenly appeared, and after having
both in the shack for one month, I sold the K3.

I think the Eagle as is was the perfect niche product for Ten-Tec,
considering the rest of its current product portfolio.

However, if I could define my perfect rig, I would want something similar to
what you described, except it doesn't have to be so big as the OM6.  The
size of the OM7 is big enough.  I would want maximum one or two more knobs
and one or two more roofing filters.  But what the heck.  The Eagle is great
as it is!


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The only thing constant in life is the reappearance of this thread - ugh.

But I have a new spin on it this year, after reading it for 10 years in a

It has been suggested that a Chinese company has cloned the IC718 and will
make that available for $450 new. It is also suggested that this will put
all of the Japanese makers out of ham radio. I am pretty sure I have seen
it, the HF version of those cheap Puxing jobs on the online bidsite. 

Of course this is nonsense. Even today, why would anyone purchase an EAGLE
over an IC718 at a third of the cost? 

Hint  - there is an actual logical and valid reason, actually many. 

I am a little confused, since EAGLE is the best idea of the year in my mind
- a simple to operate and high performance radio, why they made it too
small? If you are buying this radio as a mobile - well that's some real Grey
Poupon in the car or on the bike - way to go. But if you have this little
radio in your hamshack, I dont see how the novelty would not wear off,
leading the operator to use something that may be lesser, but that at least
you can get your hands on. 

If EAGLE was packaged as OMNI 6 or OMNI 7, and simplified like EAGLE has
been, it would seem to be more on point for those that will use it at home.


Re: [TenTec] "The End of Ten-Tec" (Yeah, Right)

from [Jim Younce]
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Re: [TenTec] "The End of Ten-Tec" (Yeah, Right)

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Discussion of Ten-Tec Equipment <tentec@contesting.com>

Fri, 17 Dec 2010 16:17:29 -0600


I doubt that Ten-Tec is about to close the doors.  It is a fact that the 
amateur market is only a small percentage of the company's business. Their 
biggest volume is the manufacture of tools & dies and metal boxes for 
electronic OEM manufactures.  The amateur business was a labor of love for 
Al Cohn and Jack Birtchfield.  When Al sold Electro-Voice and bought Ten-Tec

a tool and die manufacture they decided to build a ham transceiver. Al has 
since become a silent key and I am sure Jack is ready for retirement or 
already has retired.  Both were great gentlemen to do business with and to 
talk to on the air.

However, I am old enough to remember when National Radio, Hallicrafters, 
Drake, Regency, Multi-Elmac, Gonset, Central Electronics, Swan Electronics, 
Atlas Radio, Harvey Wells, Morrow Radio,  Clegg Laboratories,  Webster 
Bandspanner,  Walter Ashe,  Technical Material Corp.,  Barker and 
Williamson,  Peterson Radio,  James Millen,  Hammurland, EF Johnson, 
Heathkit, World Radio Labs, Knight, Lafayette, Eico, Ameco, Hornet Antennas,

RME Receivers, Master Mobile Antennas, Collins, and several other American 
ham radio manufactures were major players in the manufacture and sales of 
ham radio gear.  Now we are down to two, Ten-Tec and MFJ.  Some of the 
exodus was caused but the failure of engineering departments to keep up with

single sideband  technology but a great deal of them fell from the Asian 
manufacture competetion.


Jim Yoiunce K4ZM 

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