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Paul, I thought I answered that.

We all agree that the old analog and crystal filter radios were lovely, and
very quiet rigs.
You can't buy these anymore.
So what is the sense of comparing to a Corsair?

Mike asked about an Eagle, K3, Orion II, and FT5K.
I've had the first 3, if you accept that the OR1 is similar enough to the
My favorite rig of those three is the Eagle.

I've owned an FT-950 and used an FT-2000 extensively and I don't like the
ergonomics of the Yaesu family of rigs.
The FT-5000 is similar.
They have unnecessary complexity and important information displayed on the
screen is too small for my old eyes to read.

I stated that I preferred the Eagle to the K3 and that you would probably
never work a station on any of the four that you couldn't work on the other

The Eagle is a pleasant rig to operate.
It sounds good and it gets good audio reports.
It's not yet perfect; no rig is.

My recommendation at the end was to buy either the Eagle or K3 and invest
the rest in antennas.

So why was this viewed, in your opinion, as not answering his question?


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I think that Mike Bryce asked a legitimate question about the Eagle.

I do not think that he went far enough with his question.

One of the reasons that I like my Corsair II is the quiet receiver. How does

the Eagle compare to the other radios mentioned by Mike?

I have had several people tell me that their K3 is fatiguing to listen to. 
If the Eagle is in the same boat, it would not be a bargain at any price.

Close in dynamic range is only part of the equasion.

Rob Sherwood told me that his favorite radio is an IC 781. I was under the 
impression that it is his main radio. That was a couple of years ago so may 
be different now.

Just my opinion

73 Paul K9OT 

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