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From: Richards <jruing@ameritech.net>
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Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2010 17:35:02 -0500
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Goodness... I have always thought ham radio signals were "fatiguing" to 
listen to no matter what receiver I was using.

Ham signals are INHERENTLY noisy, covered with static, hiss, and 
worse...  played on radios that boast A WHOPPING 10% total harmonic 
distortion (THD) !... with an audio bandwidth between 1800 Hz and maybe 
3000 Hz (at best)  ... typically played on little 3 inch speakers...

Heck - ALL ham radios are "fatiguing."      I thought it just comes with 
the territory !

                         ____________ /// ___________

Sidebar -    Don-cha think there are certain phrases or words hams
love to say over and over again?   A ham radio "mantra" or sorts - said
as a substitute for serious analysis ?   Like  f 'rinstance:

*   "All antennas are a compromise."

*   "Verticals radiate poorly in all directions."

*   "digital artifact"...    as in   "DSP presents too much digital 

*   "ya can't work 'em if ya can't hear 'em."
              -- or its corollary --  "I can work everyone I can hear."

*   "SWR ?... heck, you can make contacts on a 100 watt light bulb..."

*   "A dummy load presents 1:1 SWR, but you cannot transmit very far on 

*  "It is a great antenna... I made at least three DX contacts on it the 
first day."
              (in this instance, the unspecified DX were 2 Canadian 
stations        and
                one Mexican station - and the reviewer lives in Kansas.)

*   " ________________"      (Fill in your own favorite overworked 
cliche saying here.)

And so we could add this notion of "fatiguing audio" to the list of 
favorite amateur radio cliches and sayings which are fun to say, but not 
very useful in practical terms.

====================================== James - K8JHR  =================

On 12/18/2010 4:21 PM, Barry N1EU wrote:

   Folks seem  to love to pass around this rumor about "fatiguing" audio
from the K3 - it's  a bunch of mularkey.

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