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Subject: Re: [TenTec] DX PRO 777 HEADSET STEREO
From: Richards <jruing@ameritech.net>
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Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 00:43:11 -0500
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I doubt they are not "in house.   Comparing them to the new Heil Premium 
headset, one might reach the conclusion they were made in the same 
plant, from the same parts, although I suspect the the mic elements are 
different.    Also,  when I toured the plant in Sevierville, and I did 
not see enough plastic molds to do the job.   I would love to know the 
manufacturing background and learn whether and just how coincidental 
they bear such a resemblance to the Heil units....  Hmmm...  We probably 
will never know.

The TT set compares well against other sets costing about $100-$125.

Comfort --
I purchased the Model 777 headset.  They are reasonably comfortable, and 
rather well built.   They have one of the most robust, heavy duty 
microphone boom arms I have ever encountered - and I have been a product 
tester for computer and similar headsets for speech recognition vendors 
for more than a decade.   Overall construction is sturdy and durable.

My comfort rating :    7.5 of 10 compared to  a set of AudioTechnica 
BPHS-1, or Shure SM-2 headsets, which I rate  9.0  or higher, but these 
other units cost double the TT set.  I think the Model 777 is equally 
comfortable as the popular Yamaha C-500.   Just about any set of cans 
with closed cups will eventually feel uncomfortable over time, but the 
TT set is better than most. if you hunker down for a long session.

Sound Quality --
The microphone element compares well to sets costing the same or more, 
and worked well on my Omni VII.    I can send you a sound file comparing 
it to other microphones, if you are curious how it sounds.    The 
earphone receivers were of average to good quality, but we are not 
talking about stereo hi-fi  and they only need to play between 1800 and 
3000 Hz audio frequency response - so they have sufficient inherent 
frequency response to be linear across, and well beyond, the speech 
audio frequency spectrum.   Overall, good sound with nothing to complain 
about.   Sound isolation from the closed earphone cups is moderate to 
substantial - I estimate about 15 dB - which substantially reduces 
ambient room noise from amp and power supply cooling fans, and you may 
not hear the XYL calling you for dinner,  depending on how well her 
voice carries.

I sold mine, only because I prefer the two other sets mentioned above 
along with the Sennheiser HMD-45-6 headset/mic  which is much lighter 
weight and has open air earphone receivers, and not because the TT Model 
777 set was not a good product.

Just MY take.   Your mileage may vary.

======================= James -K8JHR ============================

On 12/18/2010 9:36 PM, steve jobes wrote:
> Just wondering how satisfied users are with these 
> headsets-comfort,quality-sound.

Does anyone know who is making these for TenTec or are they made in house?

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