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Re: [TenTec] TenTec 1254 Superhet Receiver

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] TenTec 1254 Superhet Receiver
From: Richards <jruing@ameritech.net>
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Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 12:25:53 -0500
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I am in the middle of building that same kit.   Yeah.... a couple of the 
reviews might put you off, but then one guy who panned complains the 
shipping box can not be used to mail something else someday.    Another 
guy panned the rig - but he had not even built it yet.  I hate it when 
guys say they will post a revised review after they use it awhile,... 
and then don't.   I also hate it when they review it after only a couple 
of hours use, and say they will post an updated report after using it 
more... and then don't.

The comments about the manual being hard to read are true.  It IS a 
lousy photocopy and some of the parts ARE hard to identify (e.g., 
diodes)  - but I do not think this is a deal breaker.  I am about half 
way through the process, and my only complaint is the manual is printed 
on oddly cut pages - i.e., the pages are printed two to a 8x11" sheet, 
but not all uniformly printed and cut, so that the edges of the pages do 
not all meet  (this is hard to describe in words)  but you cannot fan 
the pages like you can a book's pages because they are of non-uniform 
size.   Not a big deal, but it does make using the manual more difficult 
and awkward.  I agree with the reviewer who said they should print it on 
large paper like their other manuals  (I am sure the idea is to print a 
smaller handbook - half size - to take up less space on your workspace.

The kit definitely requires intermediate skills - and requires some 
patience and attention to detail.   The review that said it could be 
more logical must have missed the notion that you build the different 
functional components at  a time,  e.g.,  audio state,  IF stage, power 
supply, etc.  It is logically set out as you will place x resistors, 
then y capacitors, then w diodes,  and so forth until that part of the 
rig is assembled - and then you test it so far.

I cannot test any of my stages because I mishandled and zorched a 
delicate coil assembly - my fault entirely - but until I get a 
replacement on the board, the circuit section it work in is incomplete. 
   TT said they would replace the part - but I am waiting until I am 
nearly finished to ask them for any parts.

I am not expected the radio to perform like my full-sized Kenwood 
receivers  (R5000,  R2000) but I do expect it will play a little better 
than the average portable SW receiver.  I plan to use it for casual 
listening at home, other than in the shack,  maybe put it on the night 
stand for those occasional sleepless nights when I want a diversion.

So, outside of the lousy printing of the instruction manual - it has 
been an OK kit experience.

Want a scan of a page or two and you can judge for yourself ?

Happy days.    I hope I said something helpful to you...

====================    James -K8JHR  =======================

On 12/21/2010 10:43 AM, ARDUJENSKI@aol.com wrote:
> I was looking for a quality General Coverage receiver which could go
> portable and also use during emergencies (battery power)
> The TenTec 1254 came to mind but I was a bit concerned after reading the
> reviews on eham (which I normally take with a grain of salt).
> _http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/1662_
> (http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/1662)
> I would appreciate some constructive feedback regarding TT-1254 from those
> who have built/used the radio
> Thanks (and Merry Christmas)
> Alan KB7MBI
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