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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 18:38:30 -0500
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Can I replace the relay in a FL-2100-B with this Kilovac Mod HC-1

To achieve QSK? I would be exciting the amp with a TenTec #538 Jupiter.


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Hello all:

I just replace my vac relay of my Titan 425 thanks to K1FK super help and
thanks to www.maxgain.com  Whan I had the failure on my Titan 425 I called
Paul Clinton, the Ten-Tec service manager and he said that the replacement
cost was $375.00 plus s/h!...I ask him for a better price. No way, he said.
So I contact K1FK, Dave, and he give me the Max Gain web site (
www.maxgain.com)  and foud the relay at only $69.95!
The linear is working like a dream and the new vac relay is absolute
quiet!..Works just perfect (70 WPM QSK) Model is Kilovac mod. HC-1.

I am very grateful with Dave and Maxgain. If you need to replace your vac
relay, please do the same!..

73 and Merry Xmas to all..

Rafael (Ralph), XE1RK
Mexico City

Rafael Kuri Jr.
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