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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Titan vac relay
From: "Rafael Kuri [XE1RK]" <kuriteam@gmail.com>
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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 19:26:52 -0600
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Thank you for the info. Well, that is the way it is but we can get many
special parts in different places like www.gigavac.com and www.maxgain.com,
where if you send a* copy of your  Ham licence*, they can give you the best
price ever. The big example is the vacuom relay..$375.00 to low $69.00.

In my Country, we have to pay about 30 to 40% taxes for a ham radio
equipment or spare parts, even when we are part of the FTA!...Someday the
authorities will understand the excellent service we give to the society
when they need us...Who knows...


Rafael, XE1RK

2010/12/22 Stuart Rohre <rohre@arlut.utexas.edu>

> As a Defense Contractor, Ten Tec has to jump through major hoops when
> they sell parts or equipment to overseas addresses.  Our research lab
> has also run into this as has the AMSAT national group.  It is called
> ITAR, International Trafficking in Arms Regulations.  Many scientific
> parts and electronics parts are considered to be possibly used in
> armaments, or any type of war goods, and thus, permits have to be
> obtained to sell abroad.  The certifications usually employ specialized
> lawyers, etc. and thus runs up the cost of parts stocked by
> manufacturers.  End use to certain countries is flat out forbidden, and
> tracking of material is required to insure it does not move elsewhere
> via third parties.  That is the way a $70 part from the OEM becomes $375
> when stocked by a manufacturer who also does business with the U.S.
> government.  Been there done that.  Sorry Rafael, that is the crazy
> world we live in today.  That is also why AMSAT has suspended joint
> project work with overseas SAT national groups.  They are in the process
> of doing their ITAR certification.  There is no blanket exemption for
> ham radio parts and equipment possible, unless Congress changes the law.
>  Unfortunately, the AMSAT electronics comes under the Dept. of State
> regulation.  Most other ham components would as well.
> The original relay manufacturer may deal in large enough lots of these
> relays, that they have spread their ITAR costs over a larger stock.
> After all, vacuum relays are in all RF generators be they transmitters,
> amplifiers, or plasma sources around the world.
> -Stuart Rohre
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