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Subject: Re: [TenTec] TenTec 1254 ---THANKS
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Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2010 12:19:40 EST
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Thank you for the note and a Merry Christmas to you and yours.
PROCESSOR: Are you talking about resetting the processor to cure some  ills?
COMPROMISE: Personally I am looking for a SW receiver that can double for  
communications receiver. If the K2 was general coverage including the MF BC  
bands I would jump at it as being a great all in one radio. My Paragon II 
does  all that but is not portable and would be a battery hog. I am looking 
beyond as  our country's situation worsens. Besides the 6 months food and 
water for the  family this general coverage receiver which can also cover SSB 
and CW would be a  great addition.
MODS: You would think it would be a minor investment for TT to sell limited 
 TT-1254 mod kits which would sweeten the 1254 for more hams
Take care
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wb2vuf@verizon.net writes:


Merry Christmas!

Thank you for the links. I was  aware of the mods on Marshall Emm's 
(mtechnologies) web site, but the  replacement processor  mod is really 
exciting. It would bring the  receiver capabilities up an order of 
magnitude!  Has anyone purchased  this mod kit?

A couple more thoughts on the 1254 vs some of the  shortwave portables.  
The typical portable includes the FM broadcast  band,  and a built-in 
ferrite antenna for the AM broadcast   band, which may be important to 
you. Also, they have a built in-whip  antenna. The Ten-Tec is designed to 
use an external antenna.    However, AM/FM portable radios (some with 
hand cranked power) are readily  available.  The Grundig/Eton receivers 
seem to get mixed reviews.  Some have tuning quirks or need their 
alignment tweaked. The best of the  shortwave portables seems to be the 
Sony 7600 series.  If you are  looking for a "communications" receiver, 
then the Ten-Tec stacks up  well.  Unlike the portables, it does not 
overload when connected to  an outside antenna. I typically run mine on 
an 80 meter dipole or a full  size 40 meter loop.  As discussed, there is 
enough room inside for  mods, including filters, a muting circuit, etc.  
Plus, it's fun to  build. (I grew up in the heyday of Heathkit).



On 12/22/2010 9:29 AM,  ARDUJENSKI@aol.com wrote:
> I want to thank the large group of you who  responded to my question(s)
> pertaining to the TT-1254. I found them  invaluable.  Comments were 
> and well presented  Additionally I wanted to share with you all two other
>  perspectives:
>  _http://www.mtechnologies.com/tt1254/1254.htm_
>  (http://www.mtechnologies.com/tt1254/1254.htm)
>  _http://www.cholakian.com/TT1254upgrade.html_
>  (http://www.cholakian.com/TT1254upgrade.html)
> I now feel well  prepared to evaluate the PROs and CONs of TT-1254 and
> apply to my  decision making process. Granted it is no "Eagle" purchase 
and I
>  appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and  insight
> Thank you all and a very Merry  Christmas
> Alan KB7MBI
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