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[TenTec] Omni VII Internal Tuner failure - advice please.

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Subject: [TenTec] Omni VII Internal Tuner failure - advice please.
From: "Curt" <rhulett1@comcast.net>
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Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2011 17:12:18 -0600
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I bought my Omni VII 588AT about three years ago and the internal tuner has 
failed. I know, shouldn't have been so stupid as to buy the internal tuner, 
but that is hindsight for me now.

The symptoms are, push tune and the tuner activates at less than 5 watts, 
and immediately finds a "match" on any and all bands regardless of the 
antenna.  It grinds forever on a dummy load.  The radio works fine connected 
to my MFJ versa tuner ( internal tuner in bypass ).  The same antennas can 
be matched fine with the MFJ tuner.  So, I believe the internal tuner is 
broken.  With autotuner set to off in the menu, the radio puts out 20W when 
"tune" is selected. Everything worked fine one day, but not the next.

I called Ten-Tec, asked whether just buying a new tuner board was 
appropriate strategy.  They said no, suggested a master reset which was 
performed with no joy.  Then suggested I return the radio to them.  I'm 
reluctant, having heard horror stories about carriers destroying rigs and 
that the "insurance" isn't.  I'm imagining either receiving the rig back 
with "couldn't duplicate the problem" and a $200 bill for labor/shipping, or 
receiving a destroyed rig and the same $200 bill.

So, would appreciate some advice.  I've thought of

(1)Just using the radio without the internal tuner, but if problem is with 
the RF deck, probably should have it corrected before the radio goes out of 

(2)Do (1) until spring when may be making a trip to TN, just carry the rig 
to them.

(3)Buy a new tuner board and risk that this is not the problem

(4)Pack the rig up, send via USPS parcel post/UPS/Fedex insured and pray.

(5)Remove the board from the rig, sell the rig at a discount before 
something else craps out.


Thanks in advance, 73 Curt KB5JO 

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