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Re: [TenTec] Omni VII Internal Tuner failure - advice please.

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Omni VII Internal Tuner failure - advice please.
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Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2011 17:56:20 -0600
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?I have had no problems shipping a  new Jupiter back and forth from MS to 
Ten Tec. I did it about 5 times!  The factory shipping boxes are well 
designed to protect the equipment.  I finally let them keep the Jupiter and 
traded it for an Orion 2 and I received what I paid for the Jupiter.

The internal antenna tuner is good but with an external antenna tuner you 
may get a frequency meter and output LEDS which provide useful information. 
My LDG Autopro-100 is useful with my FT-817NS.  It can be set to measure the 
QRP power selections as a LED watt meter.

Tom AG8K

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Subject: [TenTec] Omni VII Internal Tuner failure - advice please.

>I bought my Omni VII 588AT about three years ago and the internal tuner has
> failed. I know, shouldn't have been so stupid as to buy the internal 
> tuner,
> but that is hindsight for me now.
> The symptoms are, push tune and the tuner activates at less than 5 watts,
> and immediately finds a "match" on any and all bands regardless of the
> antenna.  It grinds forever on a dummy load.  The radio works fine 
> connected
> to my MFJ versa tuner ( internal tuner in bypass ).  The same antennas can
> be matched fine with the MFJ tuner.  So, I believe the internal tuner is
> broken.  With autotuner set to off in the menu, the radio puts out 20W 
> when
> "tune" is selected. Everything worked fine one day, but not the next.
> I called Ten-Tec, asked whether just buying a new tuner board was
> appropriate strategy.  They said no, suggested a master reset which was
> performed with no joy.  Then suggested I return the radio to them.  I'm
> reluctant, having heard horror stories about carriers destroying rigs and
> that the "insurance" isn't.  I'm imagining either receiving the rig back
> with "couldn't duplicate the problem" and a $200 bill for labor/shipping, 
> or
> receiving a destroyed rig and the same $200 bill.
> So, would appreciate some advice.  I've thought of
> (1)Just using the radio without the internal tuner, but if problem is with
> the RF deck, probably should have it corrected before the radio goes out 
> of
> production.
> (2)Do (1) until spring when may be making a trip to TN, just carry the rig
> to them.
> (3)Buy a new tuner board and risk that this is not the problem
> (4)Pack the rig up, send via USPS parcel post/UPS/Fedex insured and pray.
> (5)Remove the board from the rig, sell the rig at a discount before
> something else craps out.
> (6)???
> Thanks in advance, 73 Curt KB5JO
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