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Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2011 16:08:36 -0500
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My feedpoint was at about 35' (the base of the pole was elevated about 5').
I had a fairly large yard and the antenna was about 50 or 60 ft. from the
What I did was hook a small Kevlar rope to the feedline about 30' from the
antenna and string it to the rain gutter at the farthest point on the house,
which was about 8' high.

At the point where the rope attached, the feedline bent slightly and dropped
slowly down to another part of the where the shack is.
I then ran it in through the door, fastened it, and closed the door on it.

Too bad we can't do pictures here.
I'll send a picture to you directly.
I apologize in advance, it's a large file.

A friend of mine in Sweden manufactures commercial versions of the VD, fed
with coax.
His design runs the feedline down one of the 3 guy ropes, at a 45 degree
He claims that as long as you keep a 45 degree angle or more away from the
lower part of the mast, the influence won't be too bad.
I do not know if that is true or not.
All I know is that the antennas work very well.

In fact another OM I know, we should all know, because he is the Ten-Tec
distributor for Germany, bought a new house 5 years ago.
When he moved, he didn't have time to put up his tower and beam so he put up
this vertical dipole (made in Sweden).
Last I spoke with him, he was still working with the vertical dipole.
Claimed it worked so good, he didn't see a pressing need to put his beam up.
I have to say, he is a big contester, but not from home.
He is one of the ops at K3LR, and he was one of the organizers of VP6DX
(Ducie), which also used all vertical antennas.
If he were going to contest from home, the beam would go back up in a


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Rick (NJ0IP / DJ0IP),
How did you deal with bringing the feedline away perpendicular to the
vertical dipole?  I have many tall trees, but routing a high feedline
perpendicular to the VD is quite a challenge.

Jack K1VT

>The first choice is, should it be monoband or multiband?
>If multiband, I personally would only run with a VD.  I hate traps (break,
>lossy, collect water) and I am to lazy to put a lot of radials down.

>If monoband, anything will work, as long as it is built well, following the
>multitude of excellent tips we have read on this thread.

>On the one hand, I hate to have to tune a matchbox, and my shortened VD
>always require a matchbox.
>I purchased a 1000 Watt Palstar automatic tuner, but haven't tried it yet.
>Maybe that's the solution I've been looking for.

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