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Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2011 16:34:40 -0500
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Rip, I'm not sure I would call those a VD.
Looks more like a base loaded vertical with two elevated radials.

Seems like a good idea, though, because it gets the feedpoint close to the
ground, and feeds with coax.
I doubt the 90-99% efficiency on 40m.  Maybe on the higher bands.

To be honest, I would prefer what you are running.  

I wrote Force 12 a year ago, maybe more, and asked them if they have had any
experience with elevating your antenna.
How would it work with the base 15' or even 30' high?
They never answered.

Since I'm pretty much a 40m (only) guy, I seriously thought of the XK40, but
it seemed a bit expensive, to the point that I would like to try one before
putting out that much money.

What antennas have you directly compared it to and how did it compare?


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I am currently using the Force 12 XK40 Sigma and it has been
in constant usuage for about 4 years. It works very well for 
my location and situation.I first started using wire vertical
dipoles while operating maritime on a sailboat. I am now looking
at adding another vertical dipole made by the original owner of 
Force 12;the info is on the N6BT website. I do not operate much on
80 though. Might be a great addition to my TT station.
 Have a great day. 73s Rip  W7RIP

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