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Re: [TenTec] Omni VI 1st IF Narrow CW Filter Enable?

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Omni VI 1st IF Narrow CW Filter Enable?
From: "Don Jones" <ko7i@comcast.net>
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Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 18:31:12 -0800
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My OMNI VI with OPT 3, it is not a VI+. I have been monkeying around with
the DIP switch on the INRAD roofing filter cca and the jumper next to the
"narrow filter". 
It seems as though the OEM narrow filter is bypassed. I am wondering if the
INRAD Mod is bypassing the "now installed" 1st IF cw filter. The INRAD
Roofing Filter is a "CW Filter". I did notice one switch/jumper
configuration that the received signal strength on the S meter drops 3-4 s
units. I have not checked that config in a ugly pile-up to see if that is
the config that selects the roofing filter and the 400Hz INRAD 1st IF CW
Don Jones 
Arlington, WA 

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Did you get the install instructions for the INRAD roofing kit? There
are a couple different ways you can install it, one of which is to use
N1 or N2 soft switches to activate it. The other way, as it's installed
on mine (VI+), is to have the roofing filter installed full-time. I
have the 2.4K roofing filter.

 Neal, NL7VL

On Sat, 22 Jan 2011 21:17:22 -0800
"Don Jones" <ko7i@comcast.net> wrote:

>I just picked up a 1st IF 400Hz InRad Filter. Checked my OMNI VI
>manual and it says follow the instructions included with the filter.
>That helps a lot if you have those instructions. HI HI.
>When I purchased my OMNI VI (OPT 3) it had most of the optional filters
>installed, except for the narrow CW filter in the 1st IF. My VI does
>have the 4 pole InRad CW Roofing filter mod. Selecting the NAR button
>does activate the roofing filter.
>I am thinking the jumper switch next to the "optional filter" slot is
>the key. The jumper shorts two of the three posts together. How should
>that jumper be configured when I have a optional filter installed?
>Are there any other hidden configuration switches both hardware and/or
>programming switches?
>Tna & 73,
>Don Jones KO7i
>Arlington, WA 
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