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Re: [TenTec] OT: USB to Serial interface

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] OT: USB to Serial interface
From: Kim Elmore <cw_de_n5op@sbcglobal.net>
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Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2011 23:44:43 -0600
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Hi Jerry,

I'll look for that, though I've never run across anything like that 
before.  I have no FDD in this machine and so disabled the FDD in the 
BIOS. Maybe it's something I did in the BIOS, though I think the FDD 
has been disabled since I put this machine in service.

This is certainly darned annoying!


Kim N5OP

At 11:19 PM 3/2/2011, you wrote:
>Maybe there's a parameter in windoze setup that allows it to poll ports
>like there is one for polling drive to see if the replacable disk has
>changed. That makes it see a new floppy or CD even though all you did
>was insert it. In a PC with a floppy or worse a hot removable drive
>(like some Gateway laptops have used to switch from CD to floppy) when
>it looks for the floppy or CD and the drive is gone or empty it hangs
>the computer. My windoze XP computer SP2 doesn't have any serial ports,
>but that board is at hand so I can key a rig for packet radio. I sure
>don't want it keying randomly.
>I suspect some uber thinker windoze function is asserting DTR (which is
>used for keying) to detect if a hardware serial device is attached hot.
>RS232 standard would require a modem to respond with DSR.
>I didn't find the check floppy flag but I recall its found from the
>control panel. I don't have any serial ports to check, and the USB
>serial I want to check.
>73, Jerry, K0CQ
>On 3/2/2011 10:45 PM, Kim Elmore wrote:
> > I've installed a new UTS and I still have the same issue. I also
> > obtained a serial port slot plate adapter for the on-board COM port
> > on the motherboard and tried that. I still have the same issue with it.
> >
> > Now, this really is new and I haven't the faintest idea what's
> > happening. It's as if the DTR line (which is what the RigBlaster uses
> > for PTT) is being polled. But it's being polled even through the
> > on-board COM port (which I assume really is a 16650 UART).
> >
> > When I start any program that uses the assigned com port (COM2 if it
> > matters) for PTT, such as MMTTY, HamScope or WinPSK, the polling
> > behavior stops. When I use any of these, I go through EXTFSK (v1.06).
> > If I go through the hardware manager and disable the port, the
> > polling behavior stops. But, as soon as I enable the port, the
> > polling behavior recommences.
> >
> > Has anyone ever seen behavior like this? If you did, how did you
> > solve it? I'm using XP SP3...
> >
> > 73,
> >
> > Kim Elmore N5OP
> >
> >
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