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Subject: Re: [TenTec] does anyone know ?
From: "Stephen Cannon" <sugar_bears_home@yahoo.com>
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Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 16:14:28 -0600
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I have an Orion II and had the Ten Tec Service Department do the
modification to bring the IF out on the spare jack in the back.  I works
very nicely.  

In order to add a panadapter to the Orion II we first need to get a 9 MHz IF
signal.  Then we need to install a buffer/amp to the signal before we send
it to the panadapter.

Following a method pioneered by Rick Williams VE7TK, that extracts the 9 MHz
IF signal from the Orion II, I came up with a slight modification to that
method that has the Z10000 buffer amplifier outside of the Orion II case and
Paul Clinton (WD4EBR) obtained authorization from the Ten Tec Engineering
Department that allows the Ten Tec Service Department to make the
modifications inside the Orion II case.  This enables any Orion II owner
that wants to add the panadapter capability to their Ten Tec Orion II to do
so in (what is to the owner) a solder-less manner, that does not compromise
warrantee.  Just send their Orion II in to the service department for a
quick factory authorized modification, order an assembled enclosed Z10000B-U
buffer amplifier from Clifton Labs (with 0 dB gain), a couple coax jumpers,
a panadapter, a serial cable.  Upon receiving the Orion II back from Ten Tec
just hook everything back up, plus the few simple external connections I
sketched this out in an attachment that I will email to you separately and
then you are operational.  The SpectraVue software is already designed to
interface with the Orion II via the SDR-IQ or SDR-14 for those wanting to
use the RFspace SDR as a panadapter for their Orion II radios.  Operating a
radio without a panadapter feels like you are flying blind and you miss so

Stephen AD7TD
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From: John Molenda

Hello all , I own a TT Orion II and I would like to hook up the winradio
Excalibur to it for a pan adapter display . Does anyone know if TT is making
the mod for people who ask to bring the IF out to the back of the radio so a
sdr can be used as a pan adapter ?  thanks John kb2huk

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