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Re: [TenTec] noise on Orion II

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] noise on Orion II
From: Dean <dean.jeutter@marquette.edu>
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Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 07:12:49 -0600
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I have had the same noise for several years.  The noise bursts' 
repetition rate coincides with the sweep frequency setting and noise 
disappears when sweep is OFF.  Noise amplitude in the speaker changes 
with front panel audio setting.  Noise appearance seems random (once or 
twice a month) as I cannot link it with shack temperature, time of day, 
phase of the moon, etc. and the noise remains until the O2 is powered 
down.  The noise appears only at power up and not during the time the 
rig has been ON without noise.  Is it a power supply issue?

I sent the O2 to TenTec a couple years ago to have the noise problem 
fixed.  Paul kept it for about one month but said he could not reproduce 
the noise.

So I deal with the noise by power cycling the rig - it will disappear 
after several power ON/OFF cycles in a row and I worry about damaging 
transients when I do that frequently.

Perhaps TenTec has found a fix since I first contacted them.  I believe 
it's worth a phone call to them John.

73, Dean
On 1/17/2012 10:04 AM, John Molenda wrote:
> I am experiencing a rythmic static noise when ever I use the sweep on my
> Orion II the static seems to be half as loud as the signal coming in
> causing much interference . I have reset the radio several times and it
> does not help . If anyone has experienced such a thing please let me
> know . thanks John Molenda
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