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Re: [TenTec] RX-366?

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] RX-366?
From: John Henry <jhenry@tentec.com>
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Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 16:19:58 -0500
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Hi Everyone,

Just to give you an update. We did make a software improvement this week
that I want to ensure gets fully tested. I want to work it through it's
paces on the contest this weekend. And judge on Monday AM whether the V3
firmware is ready for prime time or not.
Note: We won't ship any RX366's until we know the firmware is solid.

Best Regards,
John Henry

On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 12:43 PM, <Rsoifer@aol.com> wrote:

> **
> Tnx John.  I'll be among the first to sign up.
> 73 Ray
>  In a message dated 1/13/2012 4:54:35 P.M. GMT Standard Time,
> jhenry@tentec.com writes:
> Hi Ray,
> We are in the final phase of production for the RX-366. All of the boards
> have been built as of yesterday. We are going through final
> alignment/testing of the hardware as we speak.
> Installation procedure/User Manual is basically ready.
> Version 3 firmware for both the 565 and the 566 are in the final days of
> beta testing. If all goes well, we will be releasing the V3 firmware to the
> general public as an official release next week, and possibly taking orders
> for the RX366 as well.
>  V3 has been in use in a variety of Orion(s), 565 with RX366s, 565s
> without RX366s, 566s with RX366s, and 566s without RX366s. All of the above
> have been used by some serious top level Contesters / DXers in several of
> the major contests over this past few months, with exceptional results for
> the beta testers. A few have stated we have raised the bar once again. Even
> in their first run Orion 565s.
> I am working on a "Version 2 to Version 3" addendum to the manuals (565
> and 566). Version 3 brings with it a few very interesting new features, and
> about 30 improvements in features and bug fixes. The new features will
> definitely give the very serious DXer and Contestor some new tools to help
> them work "more/better/faster/reliably/etc.".
> I myself, personally, optimistically put both of them as "shippable" next
> week. Just need to ensure that the sales infrastructure/web site is
> ready... hi hi hi.
> Can you tell? I'm very enthusiastic and anxious to get both of these
> available to everyone as soon as possible.
> Thanks for asking, soon,
> Best Regards,
> John
> On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 11:35 AM, <Rsoifer@aol.com> wrote:
>> **
>> John,
>> Anything by way of an update on the RX-366 and associated firmware for
>> the Orion II?
>> Tnx,
>> Ray W2RS
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