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Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 17:58:42 -0600
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   "You should establish a GROUND BUSS! No, it is not made by GM, grin! It is a
   metal bar or plate you can drill and tap or put screws, nuts, and lock
   washers into! Then run INDIVIDUAL, yes, individual wires from equipment to
   the ground buss. Run old coax braid or a large SINGLE wire, to the outside
   ground rod field. This stops what is called GROUND LOOPS.

   Walt K8CV."

Unfortunately, that will not eliminate ground loops if the power source 
to which all the equipment is plugged into is not also grounded by a 
separate wire to that ground rod and to nothing else. This is called a 
technical ground. Otherwise, you will have a difference in potential 
between the house electrical ground and the ground rod for the 
equipment, i.e. ground loop.

A really easy way to check for ground loops is to bring up any 
digi-modes program and inspect the waterfall. If you see lines at 
approximately 60Hz intervals or multiples thereof then you have ground 


Casey, TI2/NA7U

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