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Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 20:48:59 -0500
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Interesting discussion and points raised...

I do not think it was really ever about a minor drift---any rig will do that 
and then settle down to some extent...it was more the seizing and jumping 
around as you turned the dial that caused some concern.

Even then, its really not a huge issue...I just found it a lot of fun to play 
around and modify the rigs and bring them into more modern specs. (easily 
reversed for those purist moments)... I really don't notice any difference in 
my rig other than smooth tuning (and the rig is about a lb lighter)...I think 
what really stands out to me is how even older Ten-Tec radios maintain their 
relevance even many years after they were made...both in terms of performance 
and their ability to be maintained. I was just given an Icom ic-751 for free to 
see if I could get it going again...while I am not an electronics expert by any 
means, I was somewhat surprised to see how poorly it was constructed. It looked 
like a really cheaply constructed transistor radio of days gone by...jumpers 
everywhere, parts tacked on here and there and factory 'no name' parts long 
since out of production stuck to a cheap PC board...my Ten-Tec's have their 
issues but they look simple in comparison.

Whatever works and keeps them on the air is fine by me.


scott  Va3IED

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