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Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 21:03:22 -0500
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Yes !

Sidebar --

My friends worked the CQ WW 160m DX contest on an Orion II with a dopey 
old sub-receiver, working it in stereo with the main receiver, and no 
one complained about it.   One receiver was on a huge tower loaded as a 
vertical transmit-receive antenna and the sub-receiver was on a pair of 
phased array steerable Beverage antennas, and the guys all thought it 
was DA BOMB  (... some of these guys are K3 owners...)

Parenthetically, the other rigs on the station desk, were a TT Omni VII 
and TT Omni VI Plus ... we sometimes used Omni VII as a second receiver 
-- and, again, no one complained about that, either.   They were using a 
TT Titan amp that ran quiet and hardly got warm.   The boys in 
Sevierville would have been proud.

The radios are mixed and controlled with a MicroHAM MK2R+ SO2R 
controller that is both hardware and computer savvy.   Man what a setup. 
  Totally instant and automatic control of both rigs, with one key and 
one set of phones, and integration with the logging software - expensive 
but very cool.

So... while the Orion II sub-receiver will be getting better... no one 
complained about the old one this past weekend.

Just My take...   Some of the guys asked me what I have at home, and I 
had fun saying I have an Omni VII and Centurion with model 715 processor.

Carl N4PY would have been proud as I explained how he set up his 
software so I can use a TT RX-320D as a second receiver and ersatz 
panadapter to tune with a mouse to a continuously updating band scope 
spectrum display without having to buy a $700 panadapter.

====================  JHR  ==========================

On 1/30/2012 1:12 PM, Jim Noe wrote:
> I am fairly new subscriber.  Have seen postings about the RX366 - recent and 
> some older ones.
> The complaint I hear of the OII is that it has only one good receiver.
> Does the RX366 when installed then make the second receiver equal to the 
> first receiver?
> Jim K6AR
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