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From: "Stephen Cannon" <sugar_bears_home@yahoo.com>
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Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 19:51:12 -0700
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In response to " What does the buffer amplifier do?"   The ad for the Buffer
Amplifier says: The Z10000B was developed to obtain an isolated signal
sample from the IF of a transceiver or receiver to output to a spectrum
analyzer or panadapter.  I have run the O II with and without the buffer
amplifier and the O II works both ways, however I did have some problems
when I was operating the O II without the Buffer amplifier and never had any
problems when I did use the buffer amplifier.  So I always use it now.
Note that this is when used with a O II that was modified by TT Service
Dept. to extract a 9 MHz IF signal (no buffer/isolator installed inside the
O II).  I have not installed the RX-366 Sub-RX yet, but at $639 that will
happen soon.

 Sorry it has been a year or two since I did that mod & set up the
panadapter and I do not recall now exactly what the problems were at that
time - I think they were related to overflow issues.  I paid about $25 for
the buffer amplifier, assembled, tested, and installed in a box.

I am not sure if the RX366's 9 MHz IF output is buffered and reverse
isolated or not; perhaps John Henry can answer that.   If the RX-366's 9 MHz
IF output is buffered and reverse isolated than you probably do not need an
additional buffer/reverse isolator.

Stephen AD7TD

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From: John Molenda

On 1/30/2012 4:28 PM, Stephen Cannon wrote:
> John,
> Personally, I would wait for the RX366 (since it is due out any day 
> now) and use it (since it does output a 9 MHz IF) in lieu of modifying the
> This way you get a better Sub-RX as well as the 9 MHz IF output, and 
> you can easily do this mod yourself by a simple easily accessible 
> board replacement (might be cheaper than shipping&  insuring the O II 
> to TT and back, and paying TT to do the mod).  You may need an 
> additional RG-178 miniature cable with Taiko Denki TMP plugs on both 
> ends, (which TT sells for about $12), to connect the new Sub-RX 
> board's 9 MHz IF output to the empty Taiko Denki jack on the I/O board
(and thus have the 9 MHz IF output coming out the "SPARE"
> jack on the back of the O II).  You will still need to get the 
> Z10000B-U buffer amplifier from Clifton Labs (with 0 dB gain) to 
> connect between the back of the O II and the panadapter.
> That said I am sure you can still get TT to do the mod for you.
> Stephen AD7TD
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> From: John Molenda
>> Hi-
>>    VE7TK has offered a mod to add a Clifton Z10000(b) buffer 
>> amplifier to extract a 9 MHz signal  for use with the Elecraft P3.
>>    Has anyone had experience with this mod or later use with the P3?
>> 73 de Dave, K1OPQ
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What does the buffer amplifier do ?  John kb2huk 


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