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Re: [TenTec] Model 318 Amplifier Key Interface

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Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2012 00:52:53 +0100
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Here's you answer, James:

YES it will work with your Kenwood TS-590.

I have the schematic of the 318 in front of me.

The Model 318 can indeed be used with just about any transceiver.
BUT...that does not mean that you will have clean keying - that depends on
the transceiver.
Most anything built in the past 6 to 8 years will probably work with this.
Really old transceivers, like a Collins KWM-2 or SB-101 etc., will not have
the initial keying delay and the Model 318 does not provide that either.

As I wrote in an earlier post, there are two problems to be addressed when
keying an old amp with a QSK transceiver:

1. An initial delay between the time you actually key the first dit and the
time the first dit transmits as RF.  This delay (20ms in my previous
example) is needed to give the amp time to key its T/R relay.  MOST MODERN
Model 318 does not need to do this.

2. Post dit delay (that's my name for it).  This is the delay time that the
amp remains in the TX mode after the signal that triggered the event has
ceased.  As I said earlier, if you do not address this too, you will get
burned relay contacts.

The Model 318 addresses problem #2.
It will do this for any QSK transceiver.
As I said, #1 is already addressed by most modern transceivers.

Simply connect a cable from the transceiver's AMP Relay keying line to Pin 8
of the Din Jack on the back panel.  When this line keys to ground, it then
keys relay K1, which produces the Amp keying signal at J5 (AMP KEY).
Connect J5 to your amplifier's T/R control jack.

A nice feature of the 318 which my own homebrew unit does not have is the
LED on the front panel, which indicates when the amp relay is keying.
Without even turning on the amp, you can key the transceiver (barefoot) and
adjust the relay delay while watching the LED.

I think ever Eagle owner who does not have a full QSK amplifier should use
one of these devices to assure clean keying of his/her amp.

Rick, DJ0IP

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Hmmnm....   so let's assume one has two radios,  one is a TT radio with 
full QSK capabilities, and the other is a,... oh,... say Kenwood TS-590, 
  along with a Centurion linear amp.    The case of the TT rig is clear 
- use it in QSK mode as always.   But in the case of the Kenwood rig... 
how much delay would be needed to protect the amp if the Kenwood rig was 
not set up to work the Centurion's QSK circuit?    I suspect it is  X 
ms.   Is there a way to solve for X ?   Let's say your choices were for 
10 ms or 25 ms.... would you pick the longer time just to be safe?

Thanks. --------------------------  K8JHR 

On 2/1/2012 7:03 AM, Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP wrote:

> It does enable the Ten-Tec full QSK transceiver (like the Eagle) to
> with non-QSK amplifiers, like your FL-2100B or most any amplifier, without
> burning relay contacts.  This is very important.


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