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From: Kim Elmore <cw_de_n5op@sbcglobal.net>
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Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2012 21:27:50 -0600
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I think that's a bit unfair to Jim. I know he's a big boy, now, and 
can fight his own battles. Still, read carefully what he wrote and 
you'll see that he doesn't claim authorship of anything. He claims 
knowledge about what pros do to deal with these problems and that 
he's part of a working group who's job is to figure this stuff out. I 
don't think he's bragging about his position or his authorship. He's 
telling us that some engineers who's job is to worry about stuff like 
this have worried about it and reached a consensus of what the 
problems are and how to deal with them.

I take his explanation to be an indication of the collective wisdom 
of people that get paid to worry about audio quality. I suppose it 
might be argued that he should simply provide a link to the report, 
or perhaps a full reference to it so that we can go get it ourselves 
and let us figure it out. That argument is perfectly legitimate and 
would come across as: "I know this stuff, and I know the sources. If 
you want to know it, too, then go to those same sources."

I certainly appreciate the fact that he shares his expertise with us 
and that he's willing to make the effort to summarize it succinctly for us.


Kim N5OP

At 08:54 PM 2/1/2012, you wrote:
>      Is your arm hurting from patting yourself on your back?
>Jerry W5JH
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>On 2/1/2012 3:07 PM, Stuart Rohre wrote:
> > Be cautious about grounding a non grounded audio output, like a phone
> > jack or spearker output.  It may be intentionally floated as a balanced
> > output circuit.
>Hang on a minute -- we're not talking about an OUTPUT, we're talking
>about an INPUT.  And, NOT bonding ANY cable shield to the chassis is the
>#1 cause of RFI in ALL equipment, including ham gear.
>Note that I speak with some authority on this -- I'm Vice-Chair of the
>EMC Working Group of the Audio Engineering Society Standards Committee
>that WROTE the Standard for solving the Pin One Problem, and have
>published considerable research showing that Pin One Problems are the
>primary cause of RFI in almost all gear. That Working Group also
>includes engineers from ABC-TV, the BBC, Dolby Labs, and Lucasfilm.
>Henry Ott, who literally wrote the book on EMC, is also a member of the
>WG. Neil Muncy, ex-W3WJI, who published the first work on the Pin One
>Problem in 1994, and I were both elected Fellows of the AES, partly on
>the basis of that work.
>73, Jim Brown K9YC
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