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Re: [TenTec] Model 318 Amplifier Key Interface

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Model 318 Amplifier Key Interface
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Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2012 10:46:50 +0100
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The main purpose of the Model 318 is to enable a QSK transceiver to key a
non-QSK amplifier
Your amplifier is a QSK Amp.

In your TS-590S, to key an external Amp, you must set Menu Item #53 (for HF)
or #54 for 6m.
Then if your mode is QSK (Parameter "2"), there is a 10ms delay time between
the time the Amp's relay is keyed and the time it actually transmits RF.  If
your mode is Semi-BK (Parameter "3"), the delay time increases to 25ms.
SEE PAGE 53 OF THE USER'S MANUAL for a description of this.

Either of these modes incorporates enough delay time for your Centurion to
switch properly.  No problem.
Your Centurion was designed to be used QSK so it is unlikely that you will
have any problem after that.

IMPORTANT: The TS-590S has no adjustable Delay Hang time (which is what the
model 318 provides).  If you want to use your TS-590S with a non-QSK amp,
such as many of the Ameritron amps, you definitely should use a Model 318.

Do you (James) need a Model 318?  That depends.

You do not need it to key your current amp properly but you may wish
additional features:

If you do not like the Centurion keying in QSK and would rather operate
semi-BK with adjustable delay, then you can use the 318 to add this feature.
That way the antenna will not be reconnected to the RX until after a
user-adjustable delay time of up to 2 seconds.


 - Keying an External Noise Blanker (such as an ANC-4)
 - Keying an External RX ANT switchbox, such as those offered by
DX-Engineering and WX0B
 - Keying an External Pre-Selector (not frequently used in the states)

All of these devices normally are inserted into the antenna coax between the
rig and the antenna.
They have a built in relay but you never know how fast it is unless you
measure it or look up its specs.
I occasionally use these type of options and the Model 318 will enable them
to be driven in Semi-BK mode with adjustable hang time, which is how I
prefer to use them.  Unless you know that your external device uses a
fast-switching relay, like a reed relay, set your Menu #53 parameter to "3"
which enables 25ms of delay on the front end of the keying.

The Orion definitely did not require a Model 318.
I only operated an Omni VII for one week and can't remember if it also had
adjustable delay hang time or not.
Again, read the book.


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Thank you for the detailed explanation - that helps me a lot.

So... would I want one of these?   My Omni VII works seamlessly with a 
QSK circuit on the Centurion... but the Kenwood 590 requires me to set a 
delay in side the rig,... is this the same sort of delay, such that the 
new 318 would be redundant?
Or would it do something I cannot do now?

I mean... the fact it works with the 590... does that mean I need one, 
or just that it would be OK to have and use one with the 590 ?

==========================  James  =======================

On 2/1/2012 6:52 PM, Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP wrote:
> Here's you answer, James:
> YES it will work with your Kenwood TS-590.
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