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Re: [TenTec] Model 318 Amplifier Key Interface

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Model 318 Amplifier Key Interface
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Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2012 21:35:18 -0500
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Oh Yeah....
Like I am equipped or sufficiently informed to pull all that off !

I am still kinda new too some of this ham stuff.   Not the sharpest, but 
not the dullest knife in the drawer, I don't understand it all ... yet...


--  Scene 1 --

My Omni VII works seamlessly with my Centurion amp - using the TX EN and 
TX OUT loop, and the QSK setting on the amp front panel.  No problem... 
I trust TenTec to have set this up and it works perfectly.  I presume 
the 318 is not intended to solve any problem under t his scenario, 
because there is no problem  under this scenario.

-- Scene 2 --

I set my TS-590s  to have a 10 ms delay.  It keys the Centurion and I 
use the Key IN jack on the back of the amp, and use the PTT/VOX setting 
on the amp front panel switch.   This appears to work fine.   I key the 
mic... the amp comes on ... and I talk.  No apparent problems.


        A)   So...  what would the 318 do for me under Scene 2 ?
                Is it "needed"  or just that it would work with the rig?

        B)   Would the answer be different if I was operating CW versus SSB?

        C)   Would the answer be different if I was operating CW in QSK
                mode versus non-QSK mode?

        D)   The TS-590s has two delays,   10ms and 25 ms.
                The Model 318 has a 100ms or longer delay.
                Do I want or need this longer delay?

        E)   Are these delays the same?   Is one a wait-to-transmit delay,
                and the other a wait-to-receive delay?

I am so sorry to have to ask such basic questions, but the user manuals 
do not explain this sort of thing very well.  No one likes to appear 
ignorant, but I concede this is beyond my at this point  (He said, as he 
reached for his Teflon, flame-retardant suit.)       ;-)

Thanks in advance.

Sheesh... and I had to pick a hobby where you learn stuff all the time ! 

------------------------------  "Anonymous" / K8JHR 

On 2/2/2012 12:29 AM, Ken Brown wrote:

> The only way to know for sure is to measure it yourself.

> Figuring out the capability of the amplifier may require getting inside
> of it while parts of the amplifier are disabled.

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