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[TenTec] ADDITIONAL USES of the Model 318 AMP KEY

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Subject: [TenTec] ADDITIONAL USES of the Model 318 AMP KEY
From: "Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP" <Rick@DJ0IP.de>
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Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2012 07:28:08 +0100
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Hey guys, besides technical issues, there are sometimes other things like
"Creature Comfort".


 - To key an external Noise Cancelor (e.g., ANC-4)
 - To key an external RX ANT SWITCH box (e.g., DXE-RTR-1)
 - To key an external Preselector (mostly used in Europe)
 - To have more "Creature Comfort" 

If you never use any of these devices, fine, but if you do, you might need a
Model 318.

Yes, QSK is a great help in working pile-ups and in contests, but it can
also be nerve wracking.
When rag-chewing, I personally prefer to turn off QSK and have no noise
bugging me while I'm transmitting.
This is similar to VOX vs. PTT in SSB mode.
I use VOX for contesting, but PTT for rag chewing.

Some transceivers have an adjustable Receive delay - the Omni VI was the
first one I remember having it.
The Eagle did not have it initially, but it was added with a firmware
Most transceivers do NOT have this.
This adjustable receive delay enables you to set the amount of time your
receiver remains quiet, after the last dit or dah was transmitted.

In order to improve the creature comfort, I like to add some delay (I call
it the Post-dit-delay), to keep the receiver quiet until I'm ready to
In real life I set this to about half a second, sometimes even 1 sec.  
I find this much less nerve-wracking than running QSK all the time.


Go back about 8 years and read the conversation on QSK vs Semi-BK for the
original Orion.
The Orion initially shipped with full BK (QSK).
Many of us old farts asked Ten-Tec for Semi-BK.
There was a very HEAVY discussion about this.
Ten-Tec eventually added this as an additional feature in a firmware update.

If you don't want it, don't need it, be happy.
I predict you will eventually enjoy it.  
It may be 20 years down the road for you, but the time will come when you
want to take life (and ham radio) at a slower pace.

The Model 318 adds Post-dit-delay and is useful for transceivers which do
not have this, like the Kenwood TS-590S.

So in answering James's question as to whether or not he needs it, well
technically he does not, but only James can know if he really needs (wants)
it or not.

Rick, DJ0IP

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