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[TenTec] glitch clarifications

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Subject: [TenTec] glitch clarifications
From: John Henry <jhenry@tentec.com>
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Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2012 08:31:46 -0500
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Thanks to everyone for reporting what they are seeing.

I perform testing at TenTec with various cat programs, and for the 566, it
is behaving flawlessly with regards to the "display gibberish" issue, and
also with regards to the "cat program showing invalid response" issues. So
I don't think it is suffering from this same problem root cause.

For the 565, the beta testers are seeing this and are narrowing it down to
being caused by high polling rates. The high polling rates really isn't the
issue, it is the 565's firmware handling of those polling rates.
For myself, I can setup a serial control program with polling and set rates
that are as close as 50ms apart, and it never fails. What that means to me,
is that the rig can keep up, but that it is a combination of commands, a
certain sequence of commands and user events that is causing these
glitches. At least that is my current theory.

If I am correct, we are seeing this issue on the 565 when connected to N1MM
and to WinTest.
I will do a trace and see if I can narrow down what is happening.

I use a serial port monitor program from HHD software.

The program is free, and is extremely powerful in that it can trace
hardware events as well, e.g. cts, etc.
I'm sure that with it I will be able to determine the sequence of events
that causes these two main "gibberish issues", and resolve them.

As far as I can see, the main issue in the 566 firmware was related to the
HW mic gain in the SSB menu not working. I have that resolved, and can send
that out to anyone that NEEDS that working now. I am holding off on
releasing it to the general public until about a week from now in case we
do find other issues.

Regarding the 565, as soon as I can find the root for the two main issues
mentioned above, will see about a resolution/release for it.
If there are other issues people are seeing in it, please let me know.

Again, as Barry requested, if you see an issue, ensure that you report the
version number and the model number. Ensure that you are using 3.026 or
3.025 depending upon model, and that it is not a report of a 2.0xx bug. 90%
of those are now gone, and I don't want to chase an issue someone reported
only to find out that it was really a report on a 2.x version issue and
because the version number was omitted we spend hours proving it isn't in
3.x.... Hope you understand.

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