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Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2012 04:42:58 +0100
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On the older manual, it's on page 33:

On rare occasions, it may be possible to
confuse the microprocessor in the
transceiver to the point where a master reset
may be necessary to restore operating state.
A master reset often needs to be done after
an upgrade for the transceiver is sent via the
serial port interface (see UPDATING OMNIVII 
FIRMWARE elsewhere in this section).

To perform a master reset, turn transceiver
power off. Press and hold the MNU button
down. Turn transceiver power on, and
continue to hold the MNU button until the
message "MASTER RESET" appears
towards the upper left of the radio screen.
This should take about 5 seconds after
turning radio power on

Rick, DJ0IP

*       Download an online version;  
*       open the file;   
*       typein:  <CTRL>F  (this opens a little search window on the screen)
*       type in:  Reset and hit <ENTER?

It searches the file (manual) and finds the spot immediately.

Rick, DJ0IP

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can anyone tell me the reset procedure with the omni vII can't find 
manual . thanks John kb2huk
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