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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Best HF Travel Rig
From: Chad Lovelace <kj4vyi@gmail.com>
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Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2012 09:38:29 -0600
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I had a argosy 525d a while back I took to my folk place was great -- small and 
50 watts was good with a straight key didn't have a mic with it simple dipole 
and a small mfj tuner I was able to hit some islands in the Atlantic and heard 
plenty of south America -- I also had a tt scout with a bunch of modules that 
was easy to carry around was a le to put it in a soft side tool bag I had. For 
power I had a small mfj mity power supply -- it was small and 20 amps was 
plenty of power -- wish I would have kept those to have now when I go to my 
folks place I don't really want to carry around my ft847 and the bigger tuner 
-- I could do it but that would mean I would have to put every thing in a large 
pelican case and it takes up too much room -- other than my rockmite and a cut 
dipole thats only what I carry now and it goes in my go bag I carry every day 
-- a Kata photo bag ( looks like a backpack with some dividers to keep things 
organized ) and I have room for my iPad and wifi is j
 ust about everywhere I can use that as my log, spots and qrz lookups 

I'm still on the hunt for either a tt scout a ic703 or an argosy 525d I think I 
could get them in my gobag 

Good luck on finding what you can take to your farm !!


On Feb 13, 2012, at 11:01 AM, "Joe" <joe@n4yg.com> wrote:

> I travel to our farm several times a year, and while I am there, I cannot 
> operate. I guess I could take one of the rigs I have here, but I am reluctant 
> to leave a rig in the house because it has been broken into. I am just 
> wondering if several people might like to suggest a good rig to take along. 
> Small is good, but meduim size with an internal supply would be nice. It must 
> be a good CW rig. Low priced would be good. I like Ten Tec, but any brand 
> works.
> Joe
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