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Re: [TenTec] A risky question

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] A risky question
From: Stuart Rohre <rohre@arlut.utexas.edu>
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Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2012 14:35:32 -0600
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The Eagle has a shorter learning curve then the K3.

The Eagle is ideal for the older ham whose dexterity is failing, and has 
trouble remembering how to get to multiple menus, or use too many knobs.

The Eagle is just right for new HF folks, and possibly is a great 
transition rig from FM VHF licensed hams to new General and Extra HF 
privileges.  It is a great receiver from most reports.  It is plenty 
sensitive for the type of DXing I do, with average antennas.

The K3 is about all the receiver you could wish for, when fully decked 
out.  It is a contest grade radio, and superb CW radio.  I have not 
analyzed an Eagle on CW, but Ten Tec prides itself on break in which is 
important to CW users, and on CW performance.

Radios are very individualistic.  Do try each out before you decide, if 
you are not the type to buy any radio, try it for awhile, and trade it 
for the latest something else.

I liked the Eagle from the first time I saw it because its controls are 
similar and laid out much like my Ten Tec Argonaut V.  It is only 
slightly bigger, and thus an ideal portable without having crowded 
controls.  The K3 does crowd a lot of controls onto its face.  The K2 
was more simple in front appearance, but of course lacked the 
refinements that made a K3.  You might look at a K2-100  which is a fine 
radio.  Or check out the new model soon to appear from Elecraft.

-Stuart Rohre
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