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[TenTec] Low (to no) Power Out Omni D--han'nt given up yet

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Subject: [TenTec] Low (to no) Power Out Omni D--han'nt given up yet
From: scottsheppard@videotron.ca
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Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 20:52:14 -0500
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Well, the saga continues...in addition to the previous work I have replaced the 
diodes on the SWR board as well as the TX mixer board no diff.

Present condition:

PA bypassed from circuit altogether with output from Low Level Driver to Low 
Pass Filter and out to the SO-239.

I have checked the Control Board and the voltages are OK..although a bit 
lower...my T voltage is about 9.7 volts but the RX is 0 during tx and tx is 0 
during RX...otherwise the control board is behaving as it should...

For fun I removed the low level driver board and transmitted into the dummy 
load...I could just hear the tone in my newer omni...

put the LLD back in and it was considerably louder but still very low under 
100mw or so (estimate)...I do note that the mrf 476 on the LLD was getting 
warm, however.=, regardless of the low output (which should be about 10w?)

When the final  PA gets hooked up I can get about 2 watts out or so depending 
how much I tweak its bias...so each stage seems to be helping a bit...my sense 
is the LLD is either not getting enough drive to it or the LLD itself is still 
N/S...I have replaced most all of the components--1n4001's. 2n3866's etc  with 
the exception of maybe a few  resistors and a zenor...

Anyway, still plugging away. Perhaps dear Paul at Ten-Tec will have some 
further thoughts.

I think I need another OMNI D so I can plug and play with complete board 
replacements...oh, one other thing...this rig has no antenuator board...the 
previous owner seems to have just bypassed the board with a wire between the in 
ans out...I do not think it is significant...

kind regards
scott  va3ied

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