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James, did you write this today, or 40 years ago?
You just described the way ham radio used to be, in general.

As of this email, I'm changing your name to "Elmer".  (-:



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On 2/16/2012 3:13 PM, wade staggs wrote:

So, my question is simple, where have all the Elmers gone?*

Greetings !

The guy has probably never asked for, or accepted, advice from 
experienced hams, and is probably too lazy to actually read the 
available material, inlcuding the exam guides and publications like the 
ARRL Operatior's Manual, which explain all these things.

But...  Hey... Please don't despair.   ELMERS LIVE !

I have some really swell Elmers.

SEVERAL of them ... are on this list !

A couple of local Elmers are retired aero-space radio engineers who 
invented radio controlled planes for the Air Force, and loads of cool 
stuff for NASA over the past 40 years.   Together with what I learn 
here, and on a couple of other internet reflectors, I am getting a swell 
education... for FREE !

Real Elmers are EVERYWHERE !!!

Don't despair because you encountered a couple of lids...  The world has 
always suffered dolts, and always will - but the good guys remain.

In a short period of time, I have gone from merely soldering broken 
wires, to building basic radio and gadget kits,  and then to building 
more substantial kits, such as the TenTec Model 1254 receiver, which is 
not a beginner kit.  Now I am designing my own small circuits, testing 
and building, and even contemplating marketing one project that manages 
computer headset electret condenser microphones to better match a 
radios'  mic input circuit.

I am following good ham tradition and building all my audio and RF 
cables.  I  designed and built a two-radio amp-key-line switch box to 
isolate and switch the am key lines from multiple radios to my 
Centurion.  I restored and re-built several ancient microphones 
including a 1947 Shure Unidyne 55  (Elvis Style) microphone and adapted 
it for ham use.  I designed and am now building my own SO2R mic - phones 
- PTT - Key  switch  (adapted from an old  computer parallel-port A/B 
Switch). I build my own speaker cabinets instead of buying them.  I 
built all the desk and wall shelving, and the stands holding my station 
gear, including a new headset rack for the parts closet (yesterday.)   I 
convert plain headphones into headset/microphone combinations.

I build my own antennas  (of which I am particularly proud), and have 
built loads of other little switch-adapter boxes for the shack  (and for 
my guitar collection.)

Some of these projects are very simple, but others have required 
research and design in addition to build work.   But I can now design a 
circuit, draw a formal schematic (using software...) and order boards so 
others might build similar gadgets.   Not rocket science, but in good 
old ham tradition of home brewing stuff.  And I am progressing... some.

And I managed to be voted to the Board of the Statewide linked repeater 

So... do not despair... Not only do good old fashioned Elmers remain in 
practice, some of us are following the good ham tradition and building 
stuff from scratch
and trying hard to contribute something.

Ham radio ...LIVES !

And I am having fun.  -------------------- K8JHR  -------------------
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