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[TenTec] Argosy 525 Issues Help Wanted!

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Subject: [TenTec] Argosy 525 Issues Help Wanted!
From: John <jh.graves@verizon.net>
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Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 18:18:45 -0500
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I open this discussion with an admission that I am left handed...so I do 
my best but sometimes things get done in a strange manner.

After reports that I have some warble/distortion  on the SSB signal of 
my Argosy 525,  I have asked a few questions and read a bit as well.  
Consensus is that having either the driver or final bias mis-set can 
cause the symptoms I have had described to me.  So I figure a good way 
to start was to check the bias settings.

With the owners manual open, I look for the final board and discover 
that it resides on the back panel facing the final amp board.  so I only 
have to remove 3 more screws holding a spacer - shield? covering the top 
area where the two boards sit, between the rear panel and the heatsink.

I thought...not a problem.  The spacer is held by two sheet metal screws 
and a bolt in the center.  Of course, the screws are removed easily.  As 
a ham, I do own a set of miniature wrenches and socket set.  If only it 
were that easy.  The bolt only protrudes a bit...maybe a 1/16 if I am 
lucky.  Of course, the bolt turns with turn of the nut, and is too short 
to be grabbed by my miniature needle nose pliers.  So here I sit asking 
for advice.

One thought that came to me was that maybe the rear rear panel/heat sink 
might be removable without too much pain.  I am sitting on pins and 
needles (or maybe just sheet metal screws) and hoping that some else may 
have hit this roadblock and come up with answer or two.

Thanks for reading this and Big thanks if you can offer some advice or 

John / WA1JG

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