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Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 13:34:22 -0600
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    If you look around, you can find a 50-60MHz scope for $150-200 in good
working shape.  It may not have a good set of probes and they will cost you
maybe $25.  50MHz is the minimum scope I would buy.  I have a Tektronics
60MHz dual channel delay sweep analog scope and some HP probes.  I have used
it for many years working on my gear.  I bought it used about 20 years ago
for $150.  Unfortunately the prices have not gone down!  If you plan to
repair your own equipment, you would also need a good stable RF generator
with a calibrated output level.  There are several military surplus
generators available.  One of the nicest used generators is the HP8640.
They sell for about $400-600 in good shape. It has a digital readout, is
very stable and has a calibrated adjustable output level.  It covers up to
512MHz.  BTW, I don't own one of these yet.  I currently use an old HP606
analog generator that covers up to 65MHz.  It is big, bulky, heavy, and ugly
but it does work! ;-)
Jerry W5JH

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I've avoided owning a scope, but the recent discussion about troubleshooting
low power from an Omni D has me rethinking.  Most of the gear I own now old,
have managed to diagnose problems without owning a scope.  In one case, the
problem with an old hollow-state receiver was found by poking around with a
wooden dowel to expose a poor solder joint.  My main concern is spending
more money on a scope than my shack is worth, or alternately spending more
time fixing a used scope than is warranted.  

Would be curious about thoghts from others who repair their own gear about
what minimum-required scope would be.
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