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Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 10:04:43 +0100
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I would recommend that you do not buy one without your Elmer present,

 - 1)  You know the OM personally who selling it
 - 2)  The OM is willing to give you "one week money back, no questions
asked", and then have you Elmer look at it
 - 3)  You have too much money and need to get rid of it.  

I think some of us can help you with that 3rd point. (hi)

The amount of risk also kind of depends on what you want to do with it.
For tracing RF signals like Scott needed to do with his Omni, or for looking
at ripple on a 12v dc power supply, the risk is low.  This is all that
'most' hams need to do.  

For making accurate measurements of timing, spikes on leading edge of
signals, etc. the risk is higher.  In fact, for that application, not only
does the scope need to be in good calibration, so does the probe!  A
slightly misaligned probe can give you inaccurate readings on these
measurements too.  Luckily this is not the application that most hams need.

Rick, DJ0IP

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Please excuse me  if I missed it... but I don't recall anyone explaining
to the unwashed...

        What can one do to avoid getting a lemon or broken
        or poorly calibrated,  or whatever broken,  oscilloscope
        at the local hamfest ?

This item is beyond my current expertise, but it may not be
forever beyond my grasp.    How do I avoid getting stung  (other
than to buy something new?)    What do I look for if I don't have
my favorite Elmer on hand ?


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On 2/19/2012 2:06 PM, Jim Lowman wrote:

> Interesting, Steve!  Your memory is much better than mine, since I
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