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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Omni C
From: Michael Silevitch <msilevitch@coe.neu.edu>
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Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 08:48:25 -0500
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Dear Rick

Thanks for this good info and advice. I may not have a chance to do much
more until next week since I leave or a business trip today. In any event
I'll let you know what transpires.

         Mike K1PEV

On 2/22/12 2:53 AM, "Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP" <Rick@DJ0IP.de> wrote:

>YES, that RCA phono jack is indeed the PTO output, and it should be in the
>range of 5 to 5.5 MHz.
>If you don't have any signal on the frequency counter, AND YOU ARE SURE
>COUNTER IS WORKING, then your PTO is not working.
>THE FIRST THING TO DO is to make sure the counter is working.
>You can check this on the SSB Board (80449) by measuring at the junction
>R16 and R17 in the emitter circuit of Q3.  You should see (approximately)
>9 MHz signal there.
>Then double check the Phono jack coming out of your PTO.
>Check that it has 5 MHz on it.
>To measure the signal from the PTO, insert a new Phono Plug (with its
>removed) into the Jack and measure its center pin.  Or, remove the cover
>from the PTO and measure directly on the jack, inside the box.
>You MUST be able to measure a signal there; otherwise the PTO is not
>When going through the schematic of the 80278, NOTE that there is a
>on the page (3-12).
>On the top it shows the 4 pins coming out of the box.  The two in the
>are BOTH labeled "VFO REG.".
>The one on the left is the VFO REG., the one on the right is the "VFO
>(voltage coming from the OSC. MIXER board).
>There is a second mistake in the schematic, on Page 3-6 showing the wiring
>of the entire radio.  On this page TT forget to draw any +Voltage going
>the PTO.  I have never worked on the PTO, other than to adjust the
>frequency, so you will have to ask someone else what voltage connects to
>but it is probably the regulated +8v and I guess it must enter on the pin
>labeled VFO-REG (the one on the left).
>YES, you must have continuity between the center wire of the phono plug
>which plugs into the PTO, and the Phono Jack "VFO OUT" on the back panel.
>I'm sure you do.  Sounds like the VOM is not making a clean connection the
>plug's center pin. When I'm measuring on older radios, I use probes with
>points sharpened as sharp as a needle. That way I am sure I make contact.
>Careful; I rarely manage to measure without drawing blood!  ;-)
>Gud Luk, Mike.
>Rick, DJ0IP
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>Dear Joe
>I'm confused at this stage. I connected the frequency counter to the RCA
>phono jack which is, I believe, the PTO output. This jack is located on
>top of the VFO box in the left rear corner when looking at it from the
>front. The counter doesn't display any reading. Also when I did a
>check between the cable that was connected to the RCA socket on the VFO
>and the VFO OUT socket at the back of the rig, I din't have continuity.
>Am I right in assuming that the RCA socket on the VFO box is the VFO
>If not, then it would explain my confused readings. If so, then I will
>on it, tomorrow is another day!
>         Mike
>On 2/21/12 12:16 PM, "Joe" <joe@n4yg.com> wrote:
>>That should tell you if it is the PTO, and you can proceed from there.
>>I will be listening and looking.
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>>Subject: Re: [TenTec] Omni C
>>> Dear Joe
>>> I obtained a loan of a 80MHz frequency counter and a 100MHz scope.
>>> I'll use these instruments to get more info on the signals. I will be
>>> out of town starting tomorrow so I will probably only be able to get
>>> to this after Sunday. If need be I'll get a signal generator as well.
>>> Regards,
>>>   Michael
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>>> Subject: Re: [TenTec] Omni C
>>> Having built a VFO which does everything that the 243 does and more,
>>>I can  tell you how that unit works with the Corsair II and other
>>>transceivers  which have the ENABLE pin on the PTO. The OMNI obviously
>>>does not have the  ENABLE pin nor the E signal, so things are
>>> The 243 works with the Corsair II as follows. The accessory jack has
>>>an E  pin, the PTO ENABLE. When the 243 is connected to the accessory
>>>jack, it  connects and disconnects the 8 volt regulated voltage from
>>>the E line  going  back to the Corsair as desired depending on whether
>>>or not the PTO should  be
>>> on. For example when working split, the remote would be on during
>>>transmit  for example and the PTO would be off and vice versa for
>>>receive. When  using  the remote for both Tx and Rx, the PTO would be
>>>simply turned off, ie, the  E
>>> line disonnnected from 8 volts. When receiving simultaneously, both
>>>the  PTO  and the remote are on and the two signals are added before
>>>being output to  the Corsair and thus both frequencies can be
>>>monitored simultaneously.
>>> This are apparently different in the OMNI C. I would guess that the
>>>243  has  a means of switching the PTO output, which is apparently
>>>always present at  the VFO OUT jack. By switching the PTO as well as
>>>its internal VFO signal,  the same thing must be accomplished. I have
>>>not studied the schematic to  see
>>> how it is actually done, but reed relays or diode switching would
>>>seem to  be
>>> possible.
>>> In order to proceed with troubleshooting this problem, we need to
>>>know if  there is any output from the VFO. Alternatively, if a 243 is
>>>available, it  could be hooked up to see if the receiver works.
>>> Joe
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>>> From: "Lee WA3FIY" <wa3fiy@radioadv.com>
>>> To: "Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP" <Rick@DJ0IP.de>; "Discussion of Ten-Tec
>>> Equipment" <tentec@contesting.com>
>>> Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 9:09 AM
>>> Subject: Re: [TenTec] Omni C
>>>> OK.   I have three drawings here regarding this VFO question, Omni A-D
>>>> download manual,
>>>> Model 243 Remote Vfo Manual (Manual states it is for the Omni series
>>>> transceivers) and
>>>> Corsair II.
>>>> All three show a Molex 9 pin accessory connector.  That's common.
>>>> Common pin assignments are:
>>>> pin 1 - T voltage
>>>> pin 2 - plus regulated voltage
>>>> pin 3 - plus 13 volts
>>>> pin 4 - shift (Omni it is  called REM VFO) pin 8 - ground
>>>> Different pin assignments are:
>>>> Omni:
>>>> pin 5 - local oscillator out (for frequency counter) pin 6 - relay
>>>> common pin 7 - relay normally open pin 9 - relay normally closed
>>>> 243 VFO:
>>>> pin 5 - local oscillator in
>>>> pin 6 - no connection
>>>> pin 7 - no connection
>>>> pin 9 - no connection
>>>> Corsair II:
>>>> pin 5 - R voltage
>>>> pin 6 - Corsair VFO enable (note indicates this pin must be jumpered
>>>> to pin 2 when remote
>>>>           vfo is not being used.)
>>>> pin 7 - relay normally open
>>>> pin 9 - relay normally closed
>>>> (relay common is internally grounded in Corsair)
>>>> Hope this helps.
>>>> 73,
>>>> -Lee-
>>>> WA3FIY
>>>> On 21 Feb 2012 at 14:17, Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP wrote:
>>>>> Gary, the 243 is the wrong radio and the wrong manual.
>>>>> That's for the old Triton, which was different.
>>>>> It had the Octal Jack on the back and indeed pins 6, 7, and 8 were
>>>>> for the VFO.
>>>>> Mike has an Omni C.
>>>>> It has a 9-Pin Molex accessory socket on the back and totally
>>>>> different signals on it than the 243's accessory jack.
>>>>> I have a hard copy manual for OMNI A and D on my desk.
>>>>> I have the downloaded OMNI C on my screen.
>>>>> Both are identical and Mike (Brice) already posted the signals that
>>>>> are on it. There is NO JUMPER required for the VFO management.
>>>>> 73
>>>>> Rick
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