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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Problem finding a better Mic
From: Richards <jruing@ameritech.net>
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Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 00:05:25 -0400
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How much you wanna spend on this?   There are loads of choices.

                Preliminary Note:
                While I am not a big fan of HEIL stuff, I doubt
                there is any impedance problem with their

The following headsets would work swell with your rig:

Professional Broadcaster type:

1)  TenTec Model 707 headset - looks just like the HEIL rig,
        costs less, and is sure to work well, not to mention
        supporting our favorite radio mfr.

2)   AudioTechnica BPHS-1  for about $200 - I got mine for
        a bit less form the boys at CheapHam.com.

3)   Shure SM-2 for about $220 - super microphone for
        ham radio - I would rate it best, but I like the earphone
        receivers a little better on the BPHS-1.

4)  Various headsets from Sennheiser - I like the HMD-45-6
        which has open air earphone receivers - in contrast
        with the closed cups on most other sets.  In a
        crowded contest operating room, you would want
        closed earphone cups.

5)      BeyerDynamic 190 - earphone volume may be weaker
                than the above models, but this depends more
                on rig model than anything else.  Mic should be
                very good.

6)  Lots of guys use various forms of Telex headsets,  including
        the professional intercom and airman flight sets.  I don't
        like Telex sets much... but other guys do.

Computer Type :

  Almost any computer headset would work, provided you match it to the 
rig.   The microphones need 2-5 v bias voltage to power them.  You can 
provide this with a little "battery box" that provides the voltage,  or 
draw it from the rig if it has it available  (some older radios don't 
provide this, whereas the newer ones do.)

I built a small circuit to do two things to match my computer headsets 
to the radios -  it reduces the bias voltage from 10 v as provided on 
Pin 2 of my Omni VII, so be closer to the 5v expected by the mic 
capsule, and  it also includes a 10 dB "pad"  (attenuator) to reduce the 
rather HOT mic signal, and place it closer to that of a dynamic type 
microphone.    Otherwise, you end up turning the mic volume down really 
low, and this crowds the AGC circuit.   I will send you a more detailed 
write up off list.

Popular computer headsets include:

1)   Yamaha CM-500 - no big deal, and not my favorite, but
        comfortable and hugely popular among hams.  You cannot
        go wrong with this one.    Usually $60 - rarely discounted
        as sellers know they are popular.

2)   Koss SB-45 or SB-49 - cheaper than the CM-500 and just
        as good - for under $40.

3)   Sennheiser gaming headsets - pretty much any model - I have
        the     Sennheiser PC-330 for around $100 and it is excellent,
        I also have the PC-131 and it works swell for around $40,
        but any model in between will work fine.

4)   I did a test of more than 20 cheap Chinese headsets acquired
        for less than $10 each.   Most did well,  the microphones
        nearly all worked perfectly, and most had acceptable
        earphone receivers, but some had disappointing earphone

Note - The trouble with some of the popular computer gaming headsets is 
that they are cheaply made and may sound OK, but also may not hold up 
under hard use.  At least that is my assessment.

Hope this helps you find your way.

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On 3/22/2012 3:16 PM, robert bruner wrote:

> I have a Omni D and want to get a good boom mic with a headset.

Something like a pro set 6 from Heil. Am told that the impedance is not 
high enough on the Heil mics.

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