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Re: [TenTec] Using an Argosy in the field

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Using an Argosy in the field
From: John <jh.graves@verizon.net>
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Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 16:11:56 -0400
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Thanks for the info.  I had suspected that the lighter plugs were not up 
to the demand of powering the Argosy.  Can I assume that the real power 
input to the Argosy is 50 W on high and 5 watts on low.  Actually the 
manual says 9 amps on transmit and 0.5 amps on receive.  RTFM wins 
again.   If I assume I talk 60 % of the time that comes out to about 4 
AH at full power.  Again, assuming figures don't lie that would give me 
about 1 .5 hours of operation at full power  with a 7 AH battery or 
about 6 hours at low power?   Does this line up with what you have 
experienced in the field?  I picked the battery size because that was 
the first battery I saw listed on Ebay.  What battery and size do you 
use?  This is a new area for me.  Also have you found a small charger 
for portable use?


John / WA1JG

On 3/27/2012 3:21 PM, Stephen Roberts wrote:
> John,
> As far as power, you have to consider the output of the radio. If you're 
> going to only operate at 5W, then you could use a smaller SLA (sealed lead 
> acid) battery, like the kind they use in security light backups or APC 
> computer backup power units. Of course your mileage will vary depending on 
> the battery's amp hour rating, your radio's current draw at transmit and how 
> much time you're actually transmitting. As far as the car is concerned, you 
> would probably be better off connecting directly to the battery itself rather 
> than use the cig lighter power outlet. I know that many lighter outlets 
> cannot deliver enough amperage to give you the power that you need. If you 
> operate directly from your car battery or another battery of similar size, 
> then make sure you follow the directions for the argosy and use the circuit 
> breaker so you don't fry anything. And be careful. A car battery can kill 
> you. Another option for power would be to use lipo or lifepo batteries. 
> Another subject all
>   ogether, but if you plan to do more QRP location stuff, it might be 
> worthwhile to check them out.
> I'm going to be doing the same next month with my Argosy in Maine and I plan 
> to take a BuddiPole, a painters pole mast and an end fed 10/20/40 dipole. 
> I'll probably take a tuner as well for the Buddipole. I'll probably take my 
> spare lawn mower battery along for power as I don't intend to stray too far 
> from where I'm staying.
> 73
> Steve
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