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Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 10:51:05 -0400
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Antenna Tuner, Power Supply, Microphone, Dummy Load,
Cables, World Map and Atlas, and more For Sale:

TenTec 229 antenna tuner:

This tuner will handle full legal power, and features a
roller inductor, so you can get an exact match.  It uses
an "L" match instead of a "T" match, which means there is
only one spot that will give you the correct match.  With
the "T" match, one can get a match at several different
points, but only one of these points is the correct one.
The "L" match is also more efficient.  Electrically, it
is the same as the 238, 238 A, 238 B, 238 C, 229 A,
229 B, and the 4229 kit.

There is also a built in wattmeter with full scale reading
of 200 and 2000 watts.  It also has an SWR bridge with
lighted meter, plus a 4 position antenna switch.

It can be used on any HF frequency, including the WARC
bands, since it is continuously adjustable.  It includes
a built in internal balun, so open wire can be used,
if desired.

Cosmetically, this unit is the color of the earlier Omni
series (Omni 546, series A, B, and C) with the black vinyl
covering, and nice aluminum trim around the front.

This particular unit functions 100%, and looks perfect.
I can not find a scratch on it.

Paper work is included for $320.

TenTec Power Supply:

"Switcher / 25" 25 amp switching power supply:
This is a 25 amp switching power supply in a case that
matches the early Omni series case, with the metal bezel
around it. It is in a case that is the same size as a 243
remote VFO. It has an ammeter on the front, along with
Switch, TenTec logo, and output bulb. The front panel
basically looks like a 280 power supply with a metal bezel,
but says "Switcher/25" on it. It is very quiet, and well
shielded, and does not produce any electrical noise that
I could find. $175

Deluxe Desk Microphone:

This is a great looking and great performing low impedance
desk mic. It has a quality Shure 600 ohm cartridge in it
(the cartridge alone is over $40 new), with a very nice
black die case base and neck, with a chrome grill. It
looks somewhat like a Shure 444, but no plastic on this
one -- all metal!

This one has stripped and tinned ends on it, which means
any connector can easily be added.

This one looks like new, and works the same. It has a
long (approx 6 foot) cord. $70

Homebrew "Cantenna" Dummy Load:

This dummy load is similar to the Heath HN-31 "Cantenna", but
it is homebrew. It has an SO-239 connector on the top of a
black, one gallon paint can. The paint can completely shields
the dummy load. Inside, it basically has 33, 2 watt, 1800 ohm
resistors in parallel, to create the load. These resistors
will not handle 1000 watts like the Heath "Cantennas", but
should handle 100 watts as long as you are not too heavy
on the key. These resistors are presently air cooled. Adding
oil would certainly increase the power dissipation.

This unit works fine, and looks very, very nice. No paper
work on this one, but what do you need to show resistors
in parallel? $25

Cables for CW keyers and keys:

Cable for paddles
About 3 feet long, and with a 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) stereo
connector on the end, like used by most rigs. $8
As above, but 1/4 inch plug. $8
As above, with 1/4 inch GOLD plated plug. $15

Cable for straight key
About 3 feet long, with a mono 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) phone
plug on it, as used with a straight key. $5
As above, but 1/4 inch plug. $5

Small Power Supplies For Sale:

Radio Shack 22-124 Regulated Power Supply
This supply is regulated and will furnish 13 V DC at up
to 2.5 amps. It works fine and looks extremely nice.
I do not find a scratch on it. $20

Olson RA-472 Bench Type Power Supply
This power supply is suitable for low current bench use.
It provides a variable voltage source from about 5 V DC
up to about 15 V DC. It has one knob for course voltage
that is labeled 6 V, 9 V and 12 V. An additional knob
will fine tune the voltage. I do not have specs on this
supply, but I would guess that it is good for maybe 1/3
to 1/2 amp current. It has an analog meter that seems
to be fairly accurate; at least it compares favorably
to my lab type DMM.
This unit is is a utility type power supply. $15

AEA AC-1 "Wall Wart" Power Supply
This "Wall wart" power supply will supply 12 V DC at
up to 1 amp.
It can be used with the AEA PK-232, PK-88 or others.
This unit has a 2.1 mm plug, with the center positive,
so it can be used on many different things that require
12 V DC at up to an amp, such as keyers, antenna tuners,
This is a "regular" wall wart -- not the new switching
type that creates all sort of noise in your receiver.
Get this one, and leave the noise behind. $14

World Atlas, World Map, and DXCC List:

Radio Amateur World Atlas - 13th edition
Includes many different maps of the world with
ham prefixes on them.
Nice condition $8

The Radio Amateur World Map by Yaesu
This wall map is approx 34 x 24 inches in size.
It includes the ham prefixes on the various countries.
It appears to never have been used. $8

ARRL DXCC Countries List
This is a large check list for working the various
countries, and also includes other information such
as prefixes, applications, etc. New condition $4

I also have many other accessories available such as many
different types of microphones, HTs, VHF and UHF rigs,
antennas, etc. Just too many things to list here.
Please e-mail your requests.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK@FLHam.net or W8EK@arrl.net
Voice Phone  (352) 732-8400

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