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Re: [TenTec] Using an Argosy in the Field

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Using an Argosy in the Field
From: "Wilford D Lindsey" <qrpnut5@gmail.com>
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Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2012 02:31:34 +0000
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Just wanted to say that you helped *me* a lot with your posting, even if no 
else picked up on it, and I really appreciate it.  I've been *only* QRP and CW 
since being licensed in 1960, but what you said in your post was brand new 
thinking for me.  So thanks a big bunch.  

What ideas might you have about antennas, particularly about long wires? 


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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Using an Argosy in the Field

Another idea for a mast is the telescoping painter's poles, available in 
various lengths in any hardware or home improvement store.
I bet if you bonded the telescoping sections together with braid and 
hose clamps, you could use the painter's pole as a vertical antenna.

                             Bob WB2VUF

On 3/28/2012 11:22 AM, Richards wrote:
> My favorite plan for a portable field antenna is...
>       Push up sections of fiberglass mast.   At the top, you
>       have a feed point for two opposing dipoles - each
>       element of which is set 90 degrees from the next,
>       adjacent elements, respectively.  Measure these
>       for the two bands you want to work most... and add
>       sufficient rope to the end so the construct is both
>       antenna and guy line.  Stake the lines with camping
>       tent stakes.
>       Pound a short piece of water pipe (which is just
>       larger in inside diameter than the mast) into the
>       ground as a base that keeps the bottom of the
>       mast from moving about.  It does not have to be
>       deep, just deep enough to keep the mast from
>       squiggling about - you can pull it up easily when
>       you move on.     Another solution when using
>       hollow masts, is to pound a short rod or pipe
>       which has an outside diameter less then the
>       inside diameter of the mast tubing, and that
>       will keep it from sliding about.   A little electrical
>       or duct tape will serve to minimize abrasion.
>       The four elements of the dipoles serve as radiators
>       and guy lines, and if it is not really windy, this
>       is sufficient to hold the whole thing together.
>       Otherwise a second set of guy lines can be used,
>       maybe just 3 more, if you mast is rally tall and
>       it gets a bit windy out.
>       A telescoping mast with its own quick release
>       fasteners often folds down to a single 36-48 inch
>       item for traveling.   Roll up the wire elements
>       separately, pick up your base rod or pipe, and
>       move out when HQ gives the order to bug out.
> I have friends using this design for monthly QRP field days during the
> summer months.  This will be a full sized dipole, and way more efficient
> than a BuddyPole, also probably twice as high in the air.
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> On 3/27/2012 3:02 PM, John wrote:
>> What are good choices for portable antennas?  I guess I would start with
>> a buddy-pole or similar antenna and go from there.
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