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[TenTec] Orion 565 V3.032x7b released

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Subject: [TenTec] Orion 565 V3.032x7b released
From: John Henry <john@rkrdesignsllc.com>
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Date: Thu, 7 May 2015 12:59:06 +0000
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?We uploaded a new release for the Orion 565 last night.


The V3 History file shows the changes, and click on Firmware 

to get the complete updater/installer.

If you don't know where it is, I've included a link at the bottom of this post, 
or, if you prefer,

go to

http://www.tentec.com<http://www.tentec.com/>     (or 
www.rkrdesigns.com<http://www.rkrdesigns.com/>) which ever root you want to 
start at.

Hover the mouse over "Support"

Hover the mouse over "Product Documentation"

Hover the mouse over "TEN-TEC Obsolete Products"

Move the mouse to and click on "TEN-TEC 565 Orion"

Scroll down the page until you see:

"565 V3 History"   (click and review to see if this update is for you)

Then click on "Firmware v3.032x7b" to download the installer.

Follow the directions in the "How To Update Firmware" link in case you have 
never done this.

The change history file shows:


Version V3.032x7b ==============================================

For this release, it is necessary to do the full Master Reset/RAM Clear 
sequence after the firmware is updated.

1. Download the new installer update file, which will force a Master Reset.

2. Power Down radio.

3. Perform a Master Reset.

4. Power Down radio.

5. Perform a RAM Clear.

6. Power Down radio.

7. Perform a Master Reset.

8. Power Down radio.

9. Power Up radio, and ready to use.

Changes include:

These changes apply to the Main Rx only. The Sub Rx was not changed.

1 - Added selection of S-Meter input to Other Menu. Selection is AGC Level or 
RF Signal. Default is AGC Level. AGC Level means the S-meter will not go lower 
than the AGC Threshold/Knee; RF Signal means that the S-Meter indicates the 
signal strength at the antenna, regardless of current AGC threshold or action. 
Selection is retained over power cycles.

2 - S-meter reading is compensated for ATTN setting, Preamp setting, signal 
reduction caused by the analog hardware AGC with strong (> S-9+35) signals, and 
the RF Gain control.

3 - S-meter is calibrated so S-9 is 50 uV across 50 Ohms at the antenna 

4 - S-meter calibration routine updated to correct for a missing step in the 

5 - Serial Commands to change either VFO frequency were restored to previous 
functionality by removing the band checking. Note that a serial command setting 
the Main Rx VFO outside of a ham band may cause the VFO knob to not change 

6 - S-meter ballistics follow the Hang Time and Decay Rate of currently 
selected AGC profile

If you have any problems, please let us know. You may or may not like the 
changes for the S-Meter, but the change was made to give people options on how 
it worked. Some liked it one way, others liked it another. If you don't like 
it, you can always revert back to the previous release. These releases are all 
inclusive, not incremental, which means they include the entire code set. 
Whenever switching between versions, it is HIGHLY advised that you note your 
special settings, and perform the full master reset/ram clear process to ensure 
that there aren't any stray data items from the other build that will give you 
erroneous results in performance.

For the Orion II 566 owners, we are working on a similar update for the Orion 
II, but, it is a low priority so I can't give an estimated completion date yet. 
It will need to go through several weeks of beta testing, and sorry, I have a 
full roster of beta testers. They do an exceptional job, some of the pickiest 
people in the business, geesh, lol.

Thanks, and 73

John Henry, KI4JPL

TEN-TEC Engineering, A Division of RKR Designs LLC

Support / Product Documentation / TEN-TEC Obsolete Products / TEN-TEC 565 Orion 
| RKR 


Thanks, and 73,
John Henry, KI4JPL
TEN-TEC Engineering, a Division of RKR Designs, LLC

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