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Date: Mon, 25 May 2015 20:35:01 -0400
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The following (below signature) was posted earlier today on an online forum
that I frequent.  I'm not in a position to help these gentlemen, but if
anyone can, please contact them directly.


73, ron w3wn



My brother Mike KC9ZQU, purchased an Omni D Model C. It took a shot to the
VFO during shipping. Mike asked me to look at it and I don't know where to
go with it.

Now my brother is having health problems that he will not survive and he
told me to part the radio out and get what I can get for it. I told him I'd
rather see if I could get the radio fixed and keep it as a permanent part of
my shack. He's agreed.

So, I it comes down to who I trust not to screw this up. I trust you guys. 

Do any of you know a good Ten Tec repair shop/person?

Ten-Tec has already told Mike they don't want anything to do with the radio.

I cannot find a VFO assembly for sale anywhere or I would replace it myself.

Any advice would be very helpful and appreciated.

-- Steve KA9MOT, Macomb IL

For illustration purposes, I've taken some pictures.

This is a black plastic part (probably the case for something) and is
located on the rear of the box that contains the VFO.

I'm having difficulty posting them here, so these links will take you to




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